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Seriously, there are endless things to do in Yogyakarta. Tourists or travelers, if these two things are even different from one another, wouldn’t run out of interesting activities in Yogyakarta or in the whole province of D. I. Yogyakarta. I’ve just been there a month ago for some furniture hunting, but the things you’ll find in this article are a summary from my trip to Yogyakarta last year. Don’t worry, these things don’t get old so fast. You can still do them now or even tomorrow!

things to do in Yogyakarta



Candi Prambanan, the obvious

There are reasons why a touristy place is touristy. Amazing visual details, rich in philosophy and easy access are just three of them. Candi Prambanan has at least these reasons. Though parts of it are left in ruins, there are still so much to adore from this Hindu temple complex. Hence, it made its way in the things to do in Yogyakarta since forever.

things to do in Yogyakarta

Some notes about Candi Prambanan:

  • It’s located about 20 km east to Yogyakarta, 40 km west to Solo.
  • A Trans Jogja bus can get you from Yogyakarta city to a stop called Prambanan.
  • Entrance ticket: IDR 30,000 / Indonesian, IDR 171,000 / international visitor. Guide fee: IDR 70,000 / tour, upon request.

The official website: www.borobudurpark.co.id. And this is the brief story of my visit to Candi Prambanan.


Ratu Boko, a palace on the hill

Much of what we ‘see’ in this place has perhaps been told from archeologists’ analysis, since the palace itself – and that is IF it was really a palace – nowadays only exists in ruins and door-less gates. People come up the hill not only to see the piled stones and the fresh green grass, but also for sunset and sunrise.

things to do in Yogyakarta


Some practical info on Ratu Boko:

  • You can get there in about 30-45 minutes by motorbike from Yogyakarta’s train station
  • The entrance ticket for Indonesian is IDR 10,000 on weekdays and IDR 25,000 on weekends per person, if I’m not mistaken.
  • The site is quite famous for its sunset and sunrise view, so you might want to get there at the right time as not to miss the magical moments.

More about Yogyakarta’s Ratu Boko seen from my eyes, read here.


Cave Tubing in Pindul Cave

The activity itself is a lot more relaxing than the name. When encountering the words “cave tubing”, perhaps you imagine a super challenging and heart-pumping activity in a dark cave far from anywhere. Turns out, you could even have your siesta while cave tubing here, so to speak. Relaxing with a bit of mystical touch, is what it is.

things to do in Yogyakarta

  • Entrance and renting fee was about IDR 30,000 / person, for a group of minimum 5 people
  • It took about an hour from the city centre of Yogyakarta.

Click this for further explanation and information on cave tubing in Pindul Cave as one of our things to do in Yogyakarta.



Pop! Hotel Sangaji

The more things to do in Yogyakarta, the more and more accommodations pop up in the city, giving tourists a lot of choices. Prices range from IDR 100,000 to infinity per night. One of my recommendations for those looking for a budget stay with comprehensive facility would be the POP! Hotel near Tugu, in the center of the city.

things to do in yogyakarta

  • Prices range between IDR 288,000 to IDR 408,000 per night, the sooner you book the cheaper rate you can get.
  • Nearby places: Malioboro Street, Tip Top ice cream, Gudeg Bu Marto, Tugu (monument).
Contact to POP! Hotel Sangaji Yogyakarta :
–       phone +62 21 5296 0490 (Call Center) or +62 274 4469 399
–       address: Jl. A.M. Sangaji, Kav. 16-18, Jetis, Yogyakarta
–       twitter: @pophotels
–       website: click here

I’ve written about it in my list of favorite accommodations here (look at number 4).



I never worry about what to eat in Yogyakarta (or anywhere for that matter) ‘cos this city gives such plentiful of culinary choices. Here are 5 of them you might want to try:

  1. Horse Satay (Sate Jaran) on Jalan Kranggan,
  2. Tip Top Ice Cream on Jalan Mangkubumi,
  3. Bale Raos Restaurant on Jalan Magangan Kulon,
  4. Gudeg Bu Marto on Jalan Kranggan,
  5. Bu Ageng Restaurant on Jalan Tirtodipuran,

and click here to find out more about them.

things to do in Yogyakarta

Not enough of things to do in Yogyakarta? Worry not. There will be more posts to come about Yogyakarta! For now, tell us: what are the things to do in Yogyakarta that you recommend the most?

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7 years ago

On my last trip to Jogja, I visited Candi Ijo, Candi Sari and Candi Sambisari, every candi has their unique side. On Candi Ijo we just reported to the staff and there was not any fee, meanwhile on the other candis, entrance fee only IDR2000 🙂 if u want to see the pic, you can visit my blog kak vir n kak mumun

Reka Travel
7 years ago

Yes , Jogjakarta has many interesting plasces to visit. We have take many trips with our customers and most of them like to travel arround jogja . Visiting some temples and get unique foods. also get some souvenir in Malioboro and Kotagede

7 years ago

where was the 1st photo taken? ratu boko?

6 years ago

I like your website.. Btw nice trip 🙂 .. Pindul cave is so beautiful. there is a lof of beautiful places in jogja, like Indrayanti Beach, Bukit Bintang, and many more. 🙂
Jogja is one of cities in Indonesia you should visit. 🙂
myweb: http://mrhomestay.com http://brotiket.com

5 years ago

paling suka sama ratu boko, dijamin bagus..