A Letter From Rote Island

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We’ve been exchanging postcards with our friends and tweeps and it’s been fun exchanging pictures and stories from each other’s travels. This time, our friend Jaka Setia sends us a little bit longer note from Rote Island than what could fit on a postcard. Upon his permission, we decided to share what he told us with you guys, in case you need the information on your trip to Rote Island anytime soon. Mumun had written about her trip there a while ago, as you can read here, but as time passes by, there might be some updates you need to know on the area. 

Dear Vira and Mumun,

A small recap from Nemberala, the most famous beach in Rote. It is located in the western part of the island, where the barrels attract world surfers since decades ago.

Rote Island

Where to stay on Rote Island:
There are only 6-7 resorts/hotels in here, and the one on top left of my photo collage is Anugrah Dive-Surf resort. Of course you can opt Nemberala Beach Resort, the most famous place to stay here. Rumor has it that a scion of Soeharto is about to build a the biggest  resort at Ba’a, 10 minutes from Nemberala.

What to do:
Surfing is the top reason why people come here. Do come to nearby Ba’a beach, where the swells are closer to the beach. There are some small beaches around there you can enjoy the fun in the sun. Besides surfing, some islands nearby actually offer some great dive spots. I saw some nice pictures of school of fish, nudibranches, and coral fans from Mike’s phone, a Dutch who is the only dive operator here. You can meet him at Anugrah Dive-Surf resort.

rote island

How to get to Rote Island:
The best option is to go with Lion Air (2.30 a.m.) from Jakarta to be arrived at El Tari Kupang at 6.30 a.m. Arrange your transport to Port Tenau (about 1 hour drive) where you can catch the only fast boat (IDR 150,000) to Ba’a, the capital of Rote (leaves at 9.00 a.m). Then around 11.00 a.m you will arrive at Ba’a and after 1-1,5 hours drive, you are in Nemberala.

I know you girls love road trips, as we did one together to Dieng some time ago. Well, Rote’s nice roads will spoil you with the rugged, amazing sceneries of the island!

In my humble opinion, this is the best place to go in Rote for holiday! Vira, you should come here and Mumun, you should do a second trip here!




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