Semarang Culinary Trip, Central Java – More Nom Nom Nom!

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Traveled in January, 2012 – It’s rare that we’re splitting an entry only dedicated about food. You’ve probably read the first part  – and if you haven’t, you should – and now here’s more about our Semarang culinary trip. Any increase in your bodyweight triggered by tempting food in these stories are not, in any way, our responsibility 😀

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary



 Dawet is my favorite traditional drink. Dawet with duren (slang for durian)? Oh the God of Beverages must love me so! Two things I love being put together, having it on a sunny mid day in a coastal city? There’s nothing more I could ever wanted! …except maybe an iPad. And a hassle-free dive certificate. And maybe an RTW ticket.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

We had the dawet duren ice (by now you must have guessed that ‘es’ is Indonesian for ‘ice’, right?) outside of the Sam Poo Kong temple gate. It was IDR 7,000 per portion. I had to split it with Diyan cos although we were ravenous, we had to leave space for seafood lunch in our tummy. 



This was another power of social media, guys. My friend Chiquita recommended Pak Sangklak seafood when she read that we were going to Semarang. Being (sea)food lovers, we didn’t hesitate to try.

The visit almost failed cos some locals that we asked about the location of this seafood restaurant said it was quite far from where we were (we asked around at Sam Poo Kong temple). But realizing that Semarang (just like any other cities in Indonesia) was a lot smaller than Jakarta, we knew that ‘far’ to them was not something we could handle well. We’re used to taking more distances between places in Jakarta. So we decided to just go, and we decided right! It took only about 20 minutes by taxi to get to the restaurant in the Tanah Mas complex from Sam Po Koong temple.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

Travel Indonesia - Semarang

The food was yummy, we had a portion of crabs, squids, shrimps, water spinach, and the one most recommended by my friend was the ‘srimping’; it’s scallops with bigger shells than the usual ones. Srimping was… different. We didn’t like it much because the meat was a bit too soft and a bit on the rubbery side, and we may have expected a bit too much. But it’s cool that I had never found srimping in other seafood places before.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

About the restaurant, turns out Pak Sangklak (Pak = Mr.) has 3 seafood outlets in the Tanah Mas complex. We dined at the one on Jalan Lingkar Tandjung, and you can order the menu by phone and have them ready on your table upon your entrance. That’s what I call ‘dining like a boss’.

Pak Sangklak seafood outlets:

–       Jl. Pantai Tanjung Mas, ph +62 24 70799399

–       Jl. Telaga Mas Raya B1 ph +62 24 3518057

–       Jl. Lingkar Tanjung A18 ph +62 24 3559873


Mumun has described it before here and we’ve blogged about it but I’ll give you a bit of overview of what it is: a yummy treat! Most lunpias have bamboo shoot as its main filling. They also mix it with chicken meat or beef, and spices.

We failed to have a go on the most famous lunpia on Jalan Lombok cos they were closed for Imlek holidays. We heard the one on Jalan Mataram was also delish.. but.. why didn’t we go? Hm.. I forgot.. maybe it just got jumbled with our other plans or something.

Anyway, we settled for ‘something less’. We had lunpia on Jalan Pandanaran. Nothing fancy, just the ones at the hawkers.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang 

Travel Indonesia - Semarang

If it was really something less, I can’t imagine the one being highly recommended! *gasp* Can’t wait for our next trip to Semarang!



It’s Somba Opu street in Makassar, Ikan Kakap street in Lampung, and Pandanaran Street in Semarang. Food ‘souvenirs’ makes good business in Indonesia, a lot of places have rows of food and souvenir shops centered on a few streets, making it convenient for tourists to shop for their loved ones back home.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang 

I picked random stores to shop, just the ones that looked convincing enough and near where we hopped off the angkot. I ended up shopping at Djoe, Bandeng Juwana Elrina, and had a look at Dyriana.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang


Travel Indonesia - Semarang

Travel Indonesia - Semarang

 I bought some bakpia, cooked bandeng fish that could last until 3 months in fridge, and some wingko babat. But I totally forgot how much I spent for these food… *palmface*



 Wingko babat or wingko babad or sometimes people just call it wingko, is like little pancakes made of coconut, and usually wrapped in paper individually. I’m not gonna pretend I know a lot about wingko – though it’s been a favorite of mine since I was 8, shame on me – so let’s give it up for the one and only Wikipedia…!

The most famous wingko brand is Wingko Babad Kereta Api, which outlet is located quite near the Semarangtawang train station, on Jalan Cendrawasih 14. But there are other brands as well, for instance the ones I bought in Toko Djoe on Jalan Pandanaran.

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary


Travel Indonesia - Semarang



 It was Diyan’s and my last night in Semarang, and the four of us – also with Uci and Vindhya – decided to eat dim sum at a nearby 24-hr restaurant, which was actually a part of the Horison Hotel. It’s not a local specialty, we just happened to like dim sum, it was near our hotel, and wasn’t a big meal unless you eat a dozen portions. So having some dim sum meant we could still gobble something else afterwards 😀 *guilty for gluttony*

travel Indonesia - Semarang

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

As the taste itself, it was delicious! There really wasn’t anything different about it compared to dim sums I’ve tasted in Jakarta or even Hong Kong, except the price that was 50% on discount! IDR 12,000 for a portion, that’s cheap, right?



Vindhya had been eyeing this sidewalk ice cream vendor since the first day in Semarang. It’s located across our hotel. And we finally had it as supper after having dim sum.

You can choose more than one flavor of ice cream scoop in your little bowl. Add some toppings like coconut shreds and jelly to make it even yummier. We didn’t even care that it was already late at night after rain, es cong lik was nom nom nom!

Travel Indonesia - semarang culinary

Little did we know, Es Cong Lik is well-known in Semarang. We just found out much later that the most popular es cong lik is at Semawis street. Okay, that will be our quest on our next Semarang trip!



Vindhya and Uci (Lucia Nancy’s nickname) went back to Jakarta the day after Diyan and I did. So they still had time to roam about town trying more Semarang culinary goods. Being good friends that they are, they contributed the following info and pictures of their findings.

Lekker Paimo

This is another recommendation from our socmed society: kue (cake) lekker Paimo, specifically the one in front of SMA Kolese Loyola (SMA means senior high school). Vindhya and Uci got there only an hour after they were open and the place was jam-packed already! Guess it’s no surprise after they tried the cake, it was yum to the mo!

They even had various toppings, like chocolate, corn + cheese, milk, egg + sausage + cheese, even with mozzarella pizza flavor!

Travel Indonesia - Semarang culinary

Travel Indonesia - Semarang


Es Krim Pankuk Pak Yono

 It’s located on Jalan Tanjung, in front of the PLN to be exact, where a lot of other street foods are available. Pak Yono’s es krim pankuk is one of his two specialty, the other one being gado-gado (Indonesian veggie salad with peanut sauce). 

Pankuk ice cream consisted of coconut-flavored ice cream, added with jelly, bread and pancake in small pieces. The ‘pankuk’ in its name derived from ‘pancake’.

 Travel Indonesia - Semarang ice cream

Travel Indonesia - Semarang

Well that’s about it for Semarang culinary delights. Which looked delicious to you?

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