Tanjung Lesung & Peucang, Banten – Recalling Long Lost Destinations

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Hitting two birds with one stone is pretty awesome, but imagine if you could hit 3! It’s like Kung Fu Panda meet The Matrix. Haiyyah! That’s how I felt traveling to Tanjung Lesung, a destination on my list, and Peucang Island, a dream destination, with some of my idols. I was like…Aggrhhh! So much fun! Especially since these new mates of mine were travel enthusiasts, making my journey easy breezy lazy happy.

Peucang beach



Peucang Island and snorkeling. We traveled about 2.5 hours to the island of Peucang, located near the head of the Ujung Kulon beach. We lazed on the perfect beach and trekked in to the island.

Bodur beach is one of the resorts house beaches. To make it short, it’s a big pool to swim in, and a winner for its sunset view.

Beach club beach offers shallow waters for those that can’t swim, with children, and also has a house reef with various fishes.

Bike riding Is one must activity when you’re stuck in a resort. Burn carbs and enjoy the view. Bikes are IDR 30,000 / hour.


Tanjung Lesung Resort. It’s a beach side resort. Need I say more? Published rates are IDR 4,200,000 on weekdays and IDR 4,500,000 on weekends for a 3-room house with a pool. Meals are provided but you can also cook your own meals with the provided stove. More in at www.kalicaavilla.com.

Getting there and around

There is no other way than private vehicle, may you rent a car or bring your own. Within the resort, you can easily walk, jog or bike. You’d need a boat service to get to Peucang Island.



This trip was an invite from PT. Jababeka and Trinity Traveler to the Tanjung Lesung Resort. To be modest, Trinity is one of Indonesia’s prominent travel bloggers, and personally I think she’s one of the icons that have successfully popularized traveling amongst Indonesians. With her, I also traveled with a super gang consisting of Barry Kusuma, a photographer famous for his travel photos, as well as Rini Riharjanti, Veny Lai, and the magic hands Harris Maulana.

Peucang Island

Remember one of our earliest trips to Sumur Village? If you’ve read it, you’d know that we’d always wanted to see Peucang Island. We didn’t let this destination go, we just pended it. Now that I’ve seen Peucang Island, I don’t know why we’ve pended it for so long! The Island is awesome m/.

Peucang is a Sundanese name for a small deer, which is what we found on this island. They run freely! *dance with scarf* Peucang Island is part of the Ujung Kulon National Park, well known for its one horned Rhinoceros. Ujung Kulon itself is located on the tip of the Java Island.

Peucang has one of the best beaches to date for me.  The sand was as soft as flour and the water was a combination of turquoise and deep blue. With the summer sun blaring at us, there isn’t much left to say but WOW! Trinity hated me for not swimming in the waters. I am too a bit; I had too many excuses. BUT THERE WAS A HUGE JELLY FISH IN THE WATER! I’ll swim in the next beach.

Peucang Island

We also trekked in to the island. Naturally, we had to be accompanied by a ranger since we were in a national park. It was a 3 km walk to a hilltop overlooking Karang Copong, a chunk of rock in the middle of the ocean with corals around it. During the walk we also saw wild boars and monkeys. The forest had a nice flat surface with huge vine trees dominating its host. Some parts had red floors like an autumn day. At the end of the trek, we were welcomed by a grassy spot to sit overlooking the ocean above cliffs and underneath the shady tress. Ah! Every trek should end like this.

Peucang Island

Peucang Island

Peucang Island

According to Barry, one side of the beach that I didn’t see was filled with trash. I don’t need to see it to believe how bad it was. This probably was due to currents bringing them from the mainland and collecting them on one certain beach. People! Take your trash home! Don’t leave it in a National Park. In fact, don’t leave it anywhere. You might not see it but surely it accumulates in another part of the world and we didn’t travel far to see it! Bleh!


Cimayang Beach

We stopped by Cimayang Beach, which was recommended by Pak Cecep, our guide. He said the corals were good there. It was moderately good. Some corals were healthy but there wasn’t much fish. I can always enjoy the view of healthy corals.

Cimayang Beach

We’re sending a thank you to Lucia Nancy for lending us her underwater camera 😀


Tanjung Lesung

Bodur Beach

This beach has soft white sand extending to beach floor, which then drops relatively quick. It’s located within the resort complex and is perfect for endless swimming and athlete training *Olympic edition.

On the first day we swam into the sunset. Dramatic? Maybe. Priceless? Fo sho! It’s not often you get to swim with a backdrop of the orange sun with perfect water temperature and with people that just love to be in the water with no fuss.

Bodur Beach

Because we loved the beach so much, we decided to head back there the next morning. To my surprise, the beach is awfully blue during the day. How can you not want to run into the water?

Bodur beach

Not to mention for couture photo sessions.

Bodur beach

 This beach is accessible for those that isn’t staying at the resort complex. Fares apply upon arrival at the gate.

Beach Club Beach

Tanjung Lesung beach club has a beach. If it didn’t, it would be da club! *disco dancing* This beach is shallow, perfect for those that can’t swim or are traveling with children.  It’s located beside the Beach club bar and restaurant so you won’t die of hunger of thirst after a good swim. The colors of this beach were spectacular during the morning.

Tanjung Lesung

The beach club provides mask, snorkel, fins and life jackets. There’s also a huge chess table and a playground. This beach is for everyone!

Really do try to reach snorkel near the jetty end. It’s not too deep nor shallow. There are some nice moderate fishes and healthy corals where you will be entertained. It’s a bit far to swim, but all shallow water. I never paid much attention to swarming fish that came close because they thought they’d be fed, but amongst them was a baby parrot fish that was eager to be fed. They’re so cute!

Tanjung Lesung

Bike riding

To get around the resort, one can bike themselves around. You can burn carbs and enjoy the view. It’s perfect considering distances are close by. Bikes are IDR 30,000 / hour.

The resort also has bike ride programs to the surrounding areas of the resort for IDR 70,000 – 250,000 / person.


There were a few cherries on top for me on this trip. I had no idea a beach as beautiful as Peucang could be so close to Jakarta. Sure it takes a bit of a hassle with renting a boat and all, but you don’t have to extend all the way to East Indonesia. Also, everyone entertained each other with ideas about traveling, improvisation, and discussion, not to mention gossiping (Admit it! Gossip entertains you). The biggest cherry of them all was I learned a lot of things about the publishing world (since most of my travel mates have published books of their own) and the essence of traveling itself. Such a priceless experience!

Tanjung Lesung

Too good to be true? Maybe.

OK! OK! I’ll spill the beans. It would have been really easy to say that this trip was awesome just because it was an invite, especially to a place that was luxurious beyond my range. But that wasn’t the case. The thing was I didn’t have to work on an itinerary. I didn’t have to worry about where to go, what to do, and how much to spend. I could swim as much (or less) and as long as I wanted. I could be lazy. My mates entertained me more then I did them, and I enjoyed myself. Even the hosts were easy going! And I’m doing what I’m passionate about. In the life of a curious girl struggling to chase the country’s wonders and as an Indohoy blogger staying true to the under-promoted areas (we did get you Peucang right?), this was a vacation trip . There was nothing wrong but having to end it and wishing Vira could have enjoyed it with me. Hohoho… sure I had to make some sacrifices, but boy was it worth it!

Tanjung Lesung

We’d like to throw out a huge thank you to PT. Jababeka for taking us out there and showing us (and now you!) that a piece of paradise isn’t so far away.



Where To Sleep


Tanjung Lesung Resort – Kalicaa Villas

It’s a beach side resort. Need I say more? OK! OK! I’ll elaborate.

We stayed at the Kalicaa Villas, which is a complex with villas you can rent. We happened to stay at a 3-bedroom house with a common room, dining area, kitchen, and let’s not forget the pool. Oh the pool!!! *praise pool dance

Tanjung Lesung Kalicaa Resort

Rooms are nicely sunlit, beds are of high quality, they provide both thick and thin pillows (no bolsters, sorry), and the the bathroom… oh the bathroom… has an open rooftop. Hohohohoh… I can just laugh of evilness.

Tanjung Lesung Kalicaa resort

Tanjung Lesung Kalicaa resort

Personally, I think this villa is perfect to bring in your extended family and spend some quality time. You can bring the grandparents or aunts and uncles. During our stay, the food wasn’t too various and was predictable by the third meal, but still good in my tummy! You can bring your own supply of ingredients and whip something up in the kitchen equipped with a stove and a rice cooker. It’s so Indonesian! Score!

Tanjung Lesung Kalicaa Resort

OR! You can use this resort with your friends and just have a private pool party. It’s intimate and it has the ambience of Bali without having to fly there.

The rates for our specific house are IDR 4,200,000 on weekdays and IDR 4,500,000 on weekends for a 3-room house with a pool, but this is just the published rates. You can check up with them to see if they have great deals during you planned visit.

To contact the Kalicaa Villas, email them at marketing@kalicaavilla.com or check out their website at www.kalicaavilla.com.

Other sites that you can peek in to are www.kalicaavillaouting.blogspot.com and www.kalicaatanjunglesung.blogspot.com


Getting to Peucang Island and around

There is no other way than private vehicle. May you rent a car or bring your own. It takes about a 4 hour drive from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung without stopping and with just a bit of traffic.

Within the resort, you can easily walk, jog, or bike.

To get to Peucang Island, the only option is to rent a boat out. A speedboat on a windy day, like ours, took 2,5 hours to get to Peucang Island. On a calm day, it would only take 1,5 hours. The resort also provides services that can take you and your small group out there for IDR 1,850,000 / person, with a minimum 6 people per trip. They also can take you to Krakatau Island for IDR 1,695,000 / person, with a minimum of 6 people per trip.

Tanjung Lesung

Considering the distance, and if you don’t have a lot of time, a speedboat is they way to go.



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