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October 2011

You might be pretty damn bored of us slash me for writing about Kupang. I can’t help it! I get stranded a lot in this small southern city because of work. And as a member of indohoy, you can’t expect me to just sit tight during these boring days of waiting. I would definitely be up and about, looking for new places to see. Trust me, most of the time, it’s not for our beloved site, it really is about me looking for a new scene that can inspire me to see even more.. muhahaha *evil laugh. And this time, we raise our hats for Lonely Planet, the ultimate travel guide in Indonesia. I followed their recommendation to see Air Cina, and man, I wonder how they ever find such places.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

I only had half a day of certainty that I wasn’t leaving the town. Unfortunately I got a stinky helmet, and a driver that happened to have… umm…  some skin diseases on his neck. Somebody did not scrub well! Good thing he was wearing this Virgin Mary necklace to keep me distracted. But… there was absolutely no one else, and I refused to waste any more time. I eventually learned that he was really nice, considering he was willing to ask around for the beach that we were looking for.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

As soon as you know it, we were on the road that lead to Tablolong beach. If you happen to read our entry about Tablolong , you might remember that we put up a picture on how dry the area was. Well, it is the opposite this time since the wet season came in a little early. Everything was green! You wouldn’t guess that this area had an 8 month dry season. So, twas a very pleasant ride. And thank goodness, there was no rain.

Since the season is getting relatively colder, the asphalt is a source of warmness. So by this season, it’s not the mafias that ruled the roads, it’s the goats. But maybe they are the street mafias 😀 Mind your speed just in case there happen to be a goat lying across the street, cos if you break ‘em goats, you’re paying!

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

Of course we got lost! We took a wrong turn somewhere leading to a bad road to a village, which we do not know the name of. Of course we had to ask a gazilion people for direction! It sure wasn’t on the Lonely Planet guide. They only mention that it was down near Tablolong. Of course we were bound on this small track, when considering the condition of the rocks on the road, I guess not a lot of people pass here. And for sure we doubted, after all of that, d’ya think we got it right?

Air Cina

Yes I got it right. This off-the-beaten track eventually lead in to a road that was swamped with water, and we had to make a small turn to take the path that a few people had made to avoid. We then followed what ever path was left, and was hypnotized by the sound of the crashing waves in the distance. And Voila!

May I present to you Air Cina  (read: a-eer-Chee-na) beach. It was a wide stretch of white semi fine sand with clear blue water. For a second, it could be the perfect beach.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

Nope, I got the time wrong! Since I got here in October, the beginning of the wet season or the west winds, it wasn’t the best time to enjoy the beach. The wind was so strong you could see the anemometer of hair that I have. It was so hard to stand facing opposite the wind and I kept of eating my hair as if I had an appetite for it. This wind also caused the strong waves, and not the good kind for surfing. The waves were all over the place and damn messy. It was also crashing in into every rock it can reach, even in the distance you could see each nook having its share of waves. This is how bad the west wind can be, let it be noted for travelers during the wet season/west winds.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

But I can see how this beach would be beautiful and desirable during the dry season or east winds. You could imagine such a long stretch of sand with blue oceans just as Tablolong. I’m definitely coming back in the right time!

I have to hand it to you, following Lonely Planet’s recommended area was tricky. Having said that, those guys at the LP HQ are some pretty bad ass travelers, considering they found this beauty. We are fans, LP!

PS: direction wise, you really need to ask the locals once you passed the Oenesu turn. The turn to Air Cina is just beside an elementary school, but kinda forgot what it’s called.

Maliana Hotel

While my office weirdly likes to use the Maya Hotel to put their employees in for the night, I suggested them to put me in Maliana. It was a bit concerning when knowing it was cheaper, I would think that the service would be worse than Maya, or what my boss would consider the mental hospital, cos it really does look like one. But since it was LP’s pick, I had to give it a whirl.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

The Maliana setting was wonderful. Each room had a set of chairs and a table up front, and also a hanging rack for your small laundry. They can also help you with your laundry.

It had a nice spacious bedroom. Although I’m not so sure about their bedroom setting, being both the bed and the TV are facing the same wall thus you would wonder how to snooze out while watching TV, it’s clean and comfortable.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

The bathroom is surprisingly big, you can do any victory dance in it. I mean really! It was like a 3 x 4 m room to take a bath in. Now, I wonder why it was designed as so. Hmm….

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

But the icing on the cake was the morning coffee/tea with cake and the afternoon ones too. The Maliana hotel provides you with different cakes every morning and evening and really tasty  ones too. I understand why the hotel is LP’s pick, cause it’s certainly mine!

A room will cost you IDR 100,000 for a room with a fan, and IDR 170,000 for a room with AC and TV (as shown above)

Maliana Hotel

Jl. Sumatera no. 35 – Kupang

Phone: +62 – (0380) – 821879

And may I add that it’s located not far from the Senggol Night Market, it’s only a walk away! So you would never go hungry at night. Especially considering this market opens up until about 11 pm.

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