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One day, in the middle of our stay in Solo, Central Java, we decided quite spontaneously to expand our travel to the famous unique artsy city called Yogyakarta. A famous poetic Indonesian band even wrote a hit song about the city, and the song is simply called “Yogyakarta”. They were so impressed, that they described it as a city that is so humble and friendly, especially to artists. Just FYI, Yogyakarta is quite often spelled and pronounced as Jogjakarta, or Yogya or Jogja to be short.




bringharjo, jogja

Kinda like our experience in Klewer Market, Bringharjo doesn’t give us much of shopping pleasure. But not to make the same mistake like before, this time I did take some (poor) pictures there.. hehe.. If you’re interested in buying batik in here, better be careful. Some cloths aren’t new, and sometimes you can see that by the fading colors. But if you have the eye and patience for it, you might get some neat stuff. Snacks are scattered on the sides of the market, food like satay, fries, etc.


– MIROTA BATIK, a gift shop


As predicted, I bought some unique stuff at a gift shop called Mirota, which is located around the end of Malioboro street. The prices in this store is slightly above the stuff that you find on the streets, but they do have more selected items. I’ve always liked to shop here whenever I visit Jogja for any purpose (this was probably my 5th time there). But to our surprise, Mirota was jam-packed with visitors! Oops, we forgot.. it was a high-season, a very long weekend.. everybody was either in Bali, Bandung, or Jogja.. including us..!!



This is a memorable café for me cos I celebrated my birthday here in 2005. It’s located on Prawirotaman street, the same direction we’d go from Malioboro to Parangtritis beach, that is going south, only it’s only about halfway to Parangtritis.


I’ve always loved this area, Prawirotaman. It reminds of the Poppies Lane in Bali, where there are many cafes and simple hotels or hostels alongside the narrow streets. We got there by delman, a horse-carriage which cost us Rp 40.000,00 from Malioboro. It was about 20-minute ride. It would be much cheaper if we weren’t given the tourists rate.


Economy Class Train – Hop Quick, Get the Best Seat!

Since Yogyakarta is only 1 hour of a train ride from Solo, we hopped on the economy-class train called.. oh geez I forgot..! it’s “something” Express.. which only cost Rp 7.000,00 / person. No seat number, first come first served. There are several departures each day. The latest one from Jogja to Solo is on 6.55pm, and the latest one from Solo to Jogja is one hour either before or after that. Be aware where you stop because there are two stations in Yogya, Kota and Lempuyangan.

You’ll experience many things on this train. There are numerous mobile sellers. They sell various traditional food (if you’re lucky, you could get really really good homemade cooking), nifty gadgets, even hot beverages. Music is also an entertainment offered on this train. The whole scene is a work of art. And we promise it’ll be a mind ride for you.

train to jogja


You can also get to Yogyakarta by train from many other cities in Java, and from many cities in Indonesia by plane. The airport is called Adi Sucipto.

Becak ride in Jogja is always nice and always cheap. Rp 5.000,00 per becak from the train station to Bringharjo market on Malioboro street. Unfortunately for you, the drivers tend to give higher price to tourists, especially foreign ones. But i think it’s worth a try, at least just to give you an experience. The becak here is unique with the seat a bit reclined to the back. To get you on it, the driver has to lift the tail of the vehicle up a bit.

becak jogja

Other than becak, you can also get around the city by delman (horse-carriage), angkot, bus, minibus, and taxi. Hmm, traveling in Indonesia is so interesting because there are so many options in transportation!

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