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Jakarta, February 2010

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

It was a cloudy yet cool Saturday on the 13th of February. Me and Vira were just either taking loong sleeps (mostly me) or working on our homework (mostly Vira). But we thought, rather then just staying at home, we thought we might go stroll along the streets of Petak Sembilan or a china town district around Glodok, North of  Jakarta. We would also see a fortune teller because on these days of celebration, fortune tellers go look for fortune.

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

Petak Sembilan is a very old district in Jakarta and is where many Chinese ethincity live and do what they do best, trading. But wait, let me rephrase that, the Chinese ethnicity doesn’t not like the term Chinese. These Chinese decendants were born, raise, lived and died in Indonesia for generations. They refuse to be called Chinese because they’re Indonesians. Makes sense actually! They are now referred as the Tionghoa ethnicity.

On Chinese New Years, Tionghoa famalies come together. What I though would be a huge celebration, turns out to be a mere party but a serious holy day to pray. The huge partay will be held 14 days after new years day and is called Cap Gomeh. But in the meantime, we’ll just fill you up with some ‘shots’ of our night out. Click here!

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