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We’ve always said that there’s more to Indonesia than Bali and we stick to it. However, we probably failed to often add, there are also various fascinating things to do in Bali aside to Kuta Beach. Bali is a blessed island, I believe this the more I travel it. With this trip summary, you could probably see why. The sea and the culture are included of the things to do in Bali this time.

Bali handicraft on palm leaf

Things to do in Bali – surf, dive, spa, and culture

Suluban Beach

Padang-padang beach is one of the most popular beaches, especially amongst surfers. But a little to the south, lies a beach that is said to have more challenging waves. I visited Suluban Beach to have a cup of coffee, dip my feet in the water, and enjoy the sunset. But if you’re a surfer or you enjoy watching surfers, then Suluban Beach might be a great alternative option to Padang-padang Beach.

For more of the beach, visit this link.

Suluban Beach Bali

Menjangan Island

Maybe distance has made Menjangan Island less tangible, thus less visited by the south mob, which is unfortunate ‘cause the underwater scene is really nice. Yet, it’s fortunate for those that really do visit as they can have more of the island to themselves. I did two dives and both were decorated with colorful fish and corals. Menjangan Island is also really friendly for snorkelers with beautiful corals just about 2 meters under the surface.

There’s much to say about Menjangan Island, but better just read it on our link here.

Menjangan Island Bali

Tukad Dauh Village

Tenganan Tukad Dauh Village has to be one of my favorite villages for a specific reason. It has the double ‘ikat’, a really intricate technique for making woven cloth. I had a lot of fun just learning a small fraction about it. Aside to this and a few more meticulous handicrafts, Tukad Dauh Village is also one of those villages that seem to evolve slowly with time. Life is slow and laid-back.

For more of the Tukad Dauh Village, head to this link.

Tenganan Tukad Dauh Bali

Spa in Bali

One of the things that are really recommended in Bali is getting a spa treatment. And yes, I apply that to men too. Bali has some great pampering spas. Usually I would recommend people to try one just before they leave the country to get that relaxing closure before leaving the island. Bali spas involve delicious scene, awesome touches and calming ambiences. Well, some cheaper ones go straight to the massage, but that’s good too 🙂

For some recommended spas and sites that could help you, head to this link.

Where to stay in Bali

Pop! Hotel

During a few of my trips to Bali, I stayed at the Pop! Hotel. I’m happy with the hotel considering it still has clean white sheets upon arrival and a TV that broadcast MTV or Channel V.  It’s also down the alley for budget travellers.

I enjoyed the Pop! Hotels in Kuta which you can read hereand in Denpasar. The one in Denpasar has the same services as that in Kuta Beach, however the Kuta one is the only Pop! Hotel that has a pool.

Pop Hotel Kuta


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5 years ago

Bali has been in my mind for a while and I’d really love to visit it someday. Its breathtaking views and glorious nature it makes it even more tempting, also I’ve heard that the vegan food in Bali is superb.. I don’t think I need any other reasons to visit then 😉


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