Monday Photo from Flores- Away To Daydream

Submitted by mumunmumun on 25 July 2011   •  Blog

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While a lot f people like to look for excitement during their travels, we sometimes look for the opposite. Living in a city as hectic as Jakarta will eventually drive us to search something a little toned down. And in that slow motion life, we daydream. A lot of our friends do the same, just simply daydream or just not think at all.

Here’s Cindy in her daydream session, right in the middle of Bena, Flores. Psstt… don’t tell her I took a picture of her.

Bajawa - Cindy

Speaking of Bena in Bajawa, congratulations to Fahmi Anhar for wining our ikat! Thank you also for your input to our lovely website, and don’t forget to email us your address, so we can send the prize right to your door.

A humongous thank you to all that have entered our first quiz. We’ve got a lot to work based on your inputs. Don’t forget to keep you eyes out for more chances of freebies!

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