Monday Photo from Prambanan – Cut Up Rocks

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Prambanan is the one that got away on our recent trip to Yogyakarta. Although we planned to visit this temple during the day, by day 3 we decided to skip it. We were exhausted. Are we really that old? (Don’t answer that! :p) Oh Yogyakarta, how we heart you! You always give reason to come back again. In the mean time, our friend Rahmat, gave us this picture of one of the reliefs on the Prambanan Temple. 

If anyone has ever visited the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, you’d see some similarity in with the Prambanan Temple, including the reliefs. Although the king of Cambodia was a Buddhist, it is said that at the time it was created, the design was based on Hindu temples. The temple was made as a dedication of Wishnu, a Hindu God, and Buddha was believed to be a form of Wishnu. Maybe, and just maybe, Prambanan was one of his inspiration? *smug*

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7 years ago

Saya baru sekali keinsi, dan pulangnya tepar karena panas terik dan memang sedang tidak fit. Saya sempat keliling kawasan candi dan foto-foto tentunya Lumayan bikin gempor juga keliling area candi dan keluar masuk museum. Dan hal yang bikin saya surprise adalah ketika saya beli topi lebar di kios yang dijaga oleh seorang ibu yang sudah cukup tua. Saya surprise karena harga yang disebut oloeh si ibu yang jualan. Untuk topi lebar yang dirajut dengan benang rajut tentunya, dijual Rp.25.000. Murah kan? Di jakarta jangan harap dapet harga semurah itu. Saya suka Prambanan, Saya suka Jogjakarta. Mudah-mudahan lain kali bisa liburan… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Ricardo

we too love Yogyakarta, there’s so much to see, do, and be amazed with! Yup, prices are pretty low compared to Jakarta.