Monday Photo from Yogyakarta – Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

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There was a time in Indonesia, when even the news paper was considered a luxurious item. Not only was it expensive, but reading was a skill for those that were blessed with the opportunity of an education. So not all can afford a few pieces of paper filled with writing on it. Hence, many councils placed the news paper on boards for people to read it. But with information accessed at the tip of our fingers, you would think this idea was from a long time ago. Ding dong, wrong! This board of the ‘Kedaulatan Rakyat’ paperof Yogyakarta is still used by the some locals. I took this picture a few months back, while traveling Yogyakarta. It made me wonder, is it really about the affordability of the people, or is it really about reading the paper from a piece of paper?

travel Indonesia - Yogyakarta

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