• Diving – Extending Exploration a Tad More

    20 June 2010

    I just got my diving license a few days ago. I had the budget, time, and courage to finally do it after 4 years. Why take such a long time to do so? And should you be certified too? Let see if you’r ...
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  • The Big Bang History…of Indohoy Travel Blog

    6 June 2010

    April 2009, finally I had my first baby. But I’m not the only mother of it. Mumun and our programmer are as well. It’s baby Indohoy, this very own website, or travel blog if you may, that you’re ...
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  • Traveling as Travel

    9 March 2010

    March 2010 People travel for different purposes. Some for business, pleasure, curiosity, or for a certain occasion which sometimes you know you can't categorize as pleasure although it's not busi ...
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