• Confession of an Indonesian Travel Blogger

    17 May 2016

    It’s been a while since Vira and I started blogging on Indohoy, so I thought it’s about time to show our hand of cards about the so-called glamorous world of travel blogging, at least in Indonesia ...
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  • Afternoon Talk with Chitra Subiyakto on Kain, Batik, and Sejauh Mata Memandang

    20 January 2016

      I gotta admit, I’m not a big fan of Indonesia’s traditional textiles in general. I’m speaking for myself because Mumun is a sucker for them as told here. I’m not sure why, but my ...
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  • Why I Love Spending The Year End in Jakarta

    6 January 2016

      “Where are you spending the year end holiday?” “What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?” These are the two most frequently asked questions approaching New Year. In the last ...
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  • TravelNBlog 5 Makassar. Is it the end?

    9 December 2015

    There was one thing we did differently on this TravelNBlog: we did it in Makassar, South Sulawesi, whereas before it was always in Java Island (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and then Jakarta again). It ...
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  • Notes from Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2015

    11 November 2015

    This year, I attended the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2015 for simple reasons. I was curious and Vira did a great job marketing the event. It’s been running for 12 years and I thought might as ...
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  • Video and Sketches of Borneo Road Trip

    29 October 2015

      You’ve seen the photos, you’ve read the stories – if not, please do – of my road trip with #Terios7Wonders in the last couple of posts. I’ve told and shown pretty much all the ...
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  • Attending The TBEX Asia 2015

    23 October 2015

    I’ve been pondering on what and how to write this post. After hosting our very own travel blogging workshop with fellow travel bloggers, #TravelNBlog, and then switch places being participants atten ...
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  • Finding Local Gems from the Locals

    16 October 2015

    Indonesia is such a big archipelago, a lot of times friends and families are separated not by towns by also faraway islands. So when the opportunity of visiting another place comes, we are more than h ...
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  • TravelNBlog 4 – Coming Back to Jakarta

    7 October 2015

    I stood a bit nervous in front of the class. Thirty four faces faced me as I babbled my way that Saturday morning, kick starting a full weekend of travel blogging. It wasn’t the fact that I had to s ...
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  • Never Too Old To Travel

    1 July 2015

    As posted on Vira’s personal travel blog Sapijalanjalan.blogspot.com “We’re having churros!” was the caption of a photo my uncle sent in our big family’s Whats App group. It’s him, my t ...
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