• Watch Tabula Rasa Movie And You’ll Crave For Padang Food

    3 October 2014

    Padang food is so ‘sinful’ with all its calories, it’s supposed to be listed as the 8th Sin. But just like a lot of sinful things, it is also so good. Gulai ayam, dendeng balado, pangek and th ...
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  • Indonesia Presidential Election 2014 – The Purple Fingers!

    9 July 2014

      The day has come. It’s Indonesia’s most anticipated presidential election I’ve ever known in my whole life. We couldn’t wait to voice our choices and I particularly was anxious t ...
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  • #TravelNBlog – A Workshop for Travel Bloggers and A Whole Lotta Fun!

    5 July 2014

    Travel blogging has become a world on its own. At least that’s what we feel being travel bloggers for half a decade now. There are always more things to do to boost our blog and to reach more reader ...
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  • Ramadan in Indonesia

    27 June 2014

    Are you nervous about experiencing Ramadan in Indonesia? Did you buy those tickets not knowing that it’s going to be Ramadan, where people don’t eat all month long? Well, let us tell you more abou ...
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  • My First AirBnB Experience!*

    4 May 2014

    That, on the picture, was our welcome card to our first AirBnB guest. We were so excited and nervous at the same time. We made sure everything was in place, the bed was made up, the water jug was fu ...
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  • My Sleeping Problem Has Cost Me My First Dive Trip

    8 April 2014

    Sleeping Problem As I'm writing this, my travel mates are out there doing a check-dive at the house reef of Manado Tateli Resort, North Sulawesi. I was supposed to join them, but I decided not to. ...
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  • Travel Sketch, Just Another Hobby

    28 March 2014

      I’ve probably stated a few times that I’m not a fan of traveling solo. I like sharing the moment with someone familiar who preferably gets my jokes. But once a while I enjoy a little ...
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  • Travel GuideBooks: To Read or Not To Read

    14 March 2014

      I bought my first Lonely Planet guidebook in 2009. Vira, Reno, and I were going to travel through Sulawesi and I figured, we’re gonna need the Indonesian book when traveling through such a h ...
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  • Indonesia: Not All Volcanos

    16 February 2014

    It’s pretty ironic to say that Indonesia is not all volcanoes at the moment considering a few mountains are erupting, a bunch more are on alert status, and the news are blaring about the volcanoes a ...
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  • Sua Pelancong 4 – Blogging Ethics and Responsiblities

    27 January 2014

      When we first started Indohoy, we didn’t think we could reach this far (well, we hoped for it, but we’re still mind blown that we did). Our site has developed so much from the first time ...
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