• Travel GuideBooks: To Read or Not To Read

    14 March 2014

      I bought my first Lonely Planet guidebook in 2009. Vira, Reno, and I were going to travel through Sulawesi and I figured, we’re gonna need the Indonesian book when traveling through such a h ...
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  • Indonesia: Not All Volcanos

    16 February 2014

    It’s pretty ironic to say that Indonesia is not all volcanoes at the moment considering a few mountains are erupting, a bunch more are on alert status, and the news are blaring about the volcanoes a ...
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  • Sua Pelancong 4 – Blogging Ethics and Responsiblities

    27 January 2014

      When we first started Indohoy, we didn’t think we could reach this far (well, we hoped for it, but we’re still mind blown that we did). Our site has developed so much from the first time ...
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  • So What If Running Is Mainstream?

    17 January 2014

    My Love & Hate Relationship with Running I dreaded Phys Ed and hated the fact that it was a compulsory in my college curriculum. And I hated running the most because I was always out of breath ...
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  • Experience Withlocals.com

    12 January 2014

      “Hey guys, ever seen the making of a gong?” “No.” “Wanna?” “Hell, yeah!” That conversation pretty much led us to a warehouse down at Wirun Village, Surakarta/Solo ...
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  • Feeling the Pulse of a Big City

    16 December 2013

    This is a guest post from bloggers Twosocks and Gypsytoes (feels like I'm living in a fairy tale) from the Dustysneakers. We're fans of their blog and happy to have their say on how to enjoy a big cit ...
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  • The Ultimate Discussion: Traveler vs Tourist.

    8 December 2013

      "But that's not traveling!" Nia, my best friend of birth (she claims, though I have no memory of her from my fetus days), said to me on a bus from Granada to Cordoba, Spain. "What do you ...
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  • Traveling with A Kid at Komodo National Park

    2 December 2013

    When planning for traveling with a kid (or children) to “the wild”, city parents usually have doubts, which is a good thing to some extent. It would be too bad though, if parents decide to never e ...
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  • Looking Beautiful While Traveling

    1 November 2013

    The Gurus of Looking Beautiful While Traveling It was on the Baronda Maluku trip, where I got some kind of ‘teaching’ (should you call it that) about looking beautiful while traveling, or anytime ...
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  • Underwater Clean Up: The Ocean is Not A Dump

    30 October 2013

    Mumun took part in an underwater clean up called #SAMPAHNYOLOT in Jakarta, Indonesia. As you might already know, we’re big fans of the sea. A lot of our entries evolve around the beach, ocean and ...
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