• Shut Up and Go – Just Travel!

    8 November 2011

    It’s interesting how traveling has become something that’s more of a trend than something that people do just because. I’ve talked to and heard more and more people talking about traveling as th ...
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  • Travel Blogging – You Can’t Go Wrong With Good Ingredients

    5 October 2011

    When I was a kid, I always admire people that travel. I’d admire them for the picture taking and documentary making in the middle of such exotic places. As an Asian girl, even the west seemed exotic ...
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  • A Trading Device? Not Money. But Books.

    20 August 2011

    What do you do to kill time on the road? I bet most of you would say ‘read’ or ‘listen to music’ or ‘sleep’.  Those are the things I do other than (creating and) playing silly games with ...
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  • What’s in My Closet

    27 July 2011

    I’m a sucker for local handmade goods. There’s just something about them that makes me wanna shove my hand in my pocket, take few pieces of valued paper, probably add a little more, and trade it f ...
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  • Our First Freebie!

    8 July 2011

    This giveaway is a 'has been'. Next time folks! As you may have noticed, we usually have a Friday Photo to welcome the weekend. But this time it's special. As we promised in one of our previous vid ...
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  • Indonesian Fruit Fiasco. Go Figure!

    7 June 2011

    Every country has their thing! That’s what makes traveling so much fun, it’s because we get to learn a whole bunch of things and get educated! Mentioning a bit (*cough) I did live a small part of ...
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  • On Being Off the Beaten Path- Ready to Get Shipwrecked?

    24 May 2011

    Let me ramble about traveling off the beaten path in Indonesia just a bit. It’s always hard to help people find the authentic experience. Everyone defines it differently.  Usually, they want the ...
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  • Oh Indonesian Snacks … How I Love Them So!

    22 February 2011

    Once upon a time, there was a traveler. She roamed new worlds in search of the meaning of life. While staring in to the oblivion, her thoughts wonder to the answers which she had compiled on the journ ...
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  • Wish You Were Here – A Postcard From The Road

    15 February 2011

      Writing has always been a hobby of mine. Since I was little and able to write, writing to friends, relatives, even pen pals was something that I did a lot. Sharing or sometimes even bragging ...
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  • Live and See Indonesian Cities

    25 January 2011

    As I have traveled a few Indonesian cities, I’ve come to conclude that there are 2 kinds of so-called city or ‘center of the community activities’. We’ll term this centrifugal force as ‘citi ...
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