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On the 25th of April 2015, I was to witness the Asian African Carnival 2015 in Bandung. It was held as part of a sequence of events to commemorate the Asian African Conference that happened 60 years ago, right in the same city. The conference marked the stance of countries choosing peace over cold war that was happening through out the world. The carnival passed through Asia Africa Street, right where the Merdeka Building was located.

 Asia Africa Carnival 2015

I didn’t see it. At the time I probably was wondering around the hotel lobby with another 17 other local and international bloggers invited by Indonesian Minsitry of Tourism. We were scheduled to see the carnival but a few bloggers overslept because of a packed itinerary on the previous day. It was understandable. It’s tiring after so many things done and some were probably still a little jet lagged, after landing and having a 4-hour road trip. To be honest, I really didn’t care much of the carnival as I did meeting up with the international bloggers. I could have just sat in an empty room and still be overwhelmed by the fact that I traveled with these people.

International bloggers were a lot of fun, well at least this batch was. They were open to experience the ups and down of the itinerary and to see what Bandung had to offer. In sync with the Asian African Carnival, the bloggers were invited to enjoy what Bandung has to offer as an urban tourist destination.

 Indonesian and international travel bloggers of Asian African Conference Commemoreation

Personally, just as the experience to travel with Instagramers, it was interesting to understand what they do and see them all work through their passion. I feel privileged. I might have used my right of a weekend, but I think it’s really worth it. Just to let you know who these bloggers were and bits and pieces of them, here’s the list.


Indonesian Travel Bloggers

On the trip were my fellow Indonesian bloggers. The boys were Arif Rahman of, storyteller extraordinaire. He never blogs without thinking the story through and I’ve yet to see a photo post from him. I hope Arif would now learn that he’s jokes are corny for the international world. LOL! Sutiknyo of is now venturing into videography. Beware of his beach videos like this one! Fahmi of is the one of the very few travel bloggers that has a huge mass on social media. IT geek too, so he can work the online world easily. Then there was Adis of the Whatever brand. He’s been juggling on other businesses aside to blogging but seems like he wants to come back to writing. It was awesome to travel with him as he was a free-spirit kinda boy and fearless at trying anything!


For the girls, there was Velyz of, one of the few Indonesian bloggers that blog in English. That girl is ready for any adventure! There was also Kartina Ika Sari of, which unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time to interact with. Last but not least was Ima of who was very eager to help everyone have a good time.


International Travel Bloggers  

The invited international bloggers were from or based within the Asian region, to be in line with the Asian African themed occasion. A few of the international bloggers that I’ve followed were Mei of who was a really lively person and had fantablous skin and hair (sorry, personal likings here), Gael of who surprisingly was petit, and Anis of who I enjoy annoying to squeeze out a crunchy chuckle and gave me insights about Indonesian bloggers. Another interesting meet was Aleah of, who wrote “Date a Girl Who Travels” post that went viral and were written in various versions.  It was awesome to meet them in person and knowing they were very enthusiastic people.

 Asian African Carnival - Anis giving me uplifting insight

Anis giving me enlightment.

New encounters to bloggers were with prominent Singaporean Dawn of, who looks like a doll and apparently is a Singapore star, Stephanie of who’s heading down under and has hair I idolise, and Ju Won (@jjuu on IG) who beams of enthusiasm to see more of Indonesia. I’m happy to know Nisha of, who is really eager to learn of the quirkyness of Indonesia, and Rachel of that are based in India, so I can reconsider visiting India, which I fear so very much. There was also Yoshke, and I prefer this to his real name Edhison as it sounds Russian,of that was an interesting figure, had much stories, yet little time to hear them all. The funny couple was Nila of and Aniruth that were based in Cambodia. They’re super smart, up for an adventure, including adventurous conversations of the vaguely-known.

 International travel bloggers in Indonesia

It was even a joy just to write down each and every name as I am reminded by snippets of impressions they left on me. I might not have seen the carnival, but I surely had one meeting with bloggers and showing parts of the city and exploring together to some parts that I too haven’t seen. I hope to see all these bloggers again; hopefully sooner than the next Asian African Carnival.

On that note, we’ve finally registered to our first #TBEX. We’ll be attending the Travel Blogger Expo in Bangkok. For the time being, we’re just dumb enough to sign up for the experience without thinking too much of flight and accommodation. We’ll see what’s to come and maybe we get to see some of the bunch there, too.

I’ll close with a few pictures from the Asian African parade that ended the carnival. It was a sea of people, and surprisingly a more orderly then other similar events. Yes, it was still dirtier than most days, but all mass events are. This looks like a good start since most trash more around the trash cans than in random places.

 Two of my fav Asian African Delegate

Two of my fav Asian African Delegate. 

Tongsis nation - Asian African Carnival 2015

We are the selfie-stick nation.

Sundanese musicians at Asian African Carnival 2015

Sundanese musicians.

People of Asian African Carnival Bandung

Spectators of Asian African Carnival 2015.

Sundanese clan

Sundanese clan.

Ocean of people at Asian African Carnival 2015

Ocean of people.

Remaining art deco building in Bandung

One of the remaining art deco building in Bandung.

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5 years ago

Fab post! I am sooo gonna copy your links for the bloggers (hehe). Well, i really miss Bandung! Hope u come visit me in KL some time soon OK? 😀

5 years ago

it was very fun trip with all of you guys ^^ hope I have another chance for a trip like this 😀

Velysia Zhang
5 years ago

Such a great experience! I felt that way as well and nice to meet you face to face. Hope to meet you in next event 🙂

Aleah |

I really had a lot of fun with you all. Hope we can meet again sometime 🙂

1 year ago

Great event, oping someday i will be invited too