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April 2009, finally I had my first baby. But I’m not the only mother of it. Mumun and our programmer are as well. It’s baby Indohoy, this very own website, or travel blog if you may, that you’re reading. Before its birth, it had been in the womb for about 1,5 years, almost as long as a baby elephant.

The making of Indohoy goes way back to 2006. In that year, I went on two vacations abroad, Hong Kong + Macau and Bangkok, plus a conference trip in Singapore, after which I extended my stay about 2 days for some sightseeing. I had always been an active blogger, and that year I decided to make a travel blog, specially dedicated to my travel stories. The objectives were nothing more than just letting it all out and sharing information that others might need through my writing hobby, and well, maybe brag a little.

In 2007, I had another vacation abroad, this time it was Malaysia, and then the conference trip in Singapore again, after which, I obviously extended my stay again. Before I went to each of these trips, I spent time browsing and finding out stuff about my destinations. And there were lots and lots and lots of information provided, even to the very detailed, making it easy for me and my friends to roam about.

Travel Around - indohoy

These experiences, added with the fact that it wasn’t as easy when it comes to finding practical information on traveling in Indonesia for foreigners, turned the light on in my head. I decided to make a website on practical information for those who want to enjoy the natural wonders and the chaotic beauty of Indonesia. And because I aimed the site mainly to international citizen, it had to be in English.

About the same time as when the idea was born, which was towards the end of 2007, 7 of us (Mumun and I, and our dear friends Tari, Nura, Ifan, Wildan, and Bondy) went on a weekend trip to Sumur Village, West Java, early in November. In one of our prep meets, I remember uttering this idea of starting a website to share all my travel experiences in Indonesia. I also told them that I needed help with the technical side, and probably with the contents as well in the long run. I was very happy to see their very positive reaction. I guess maybe some of them had thought about similar things as I did.

Travel Around Indonesia - Sumur Village, West Java

The process of launching the website was a long and winding road. Each of us got busy with work and other personal business, so the process of designing and concept development went very slow. Long story short, only Mumun and I  stayed in the process, and in our visit to Malang in January 2009 we met up with our programmer* who’d prefer to stay anonymous (I’m guessing she’s not a sanguine) who’d love to help us out. Since she lived in Malang (and now in Jogja), the process of designing and revising had to go back and forth via email and discussions were done via online chats, emails and SMS. And finally, on April 2009, we launched with a couple of articles at once, including the one written by Nura about Sumur Village (he wrote it in Indonesian, translated to English by Mumun).

So here we are. Doing the best that we know how, to provide information about how, why, when, what to expect, etc, on traveling around Indonesia, based on our own travel experiences. We’re open to contributions on your experiences as well, because Indonesia is so huge and offers sooo much. Well, enjoy. Have a fun read and exciting adventures in this archipelago!

Updates, 2013.

* our former programmer eventually had her real baby and decided to give up Indohoy, which we totally understood. And now her role is replaced by ThinkWeb, another great friend(s) of ours.

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