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New Years is tonight, how about that? Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. This year, Indohoy had TONNES of fun in between the obligations we had to do on our so called real life. Most would do Kaleidoscope features but after a slumber party at the Indohoy HQ a.k.a Vira’s apartment, we decided that we’d put ourselves out there, to challenge those with questions about our travels in 2010. So, we lived up to that challenge and without further ado… here it is.

Erika Nandina:

Which city in Indonesia is travel friendly?

Tentena. Although we started out on a business page, we ended up being friends with the people that helped us with out travel in the area.

Kiki Rayhan

1.     Which is the most beautiful place in Indonesia for the whole 2010 Indohoy journeys?

2.     What should be improved of the area?

3.     What is the budget to reach there

4.     If this place is already famous for something, is there anymore of it that can be explored?

Nemberala; Nothing should be improved, it’s just perfect when Less is More; the budget can start from IDR 3,000,000 if you stay on your minimun budget hehehehehe… . This place is famous for Surfing but it has stunning raw beaches and the root of the Nusa tenggara Timor culture which is such a big potential.

Mia Pitria Pangestie

1.     What is the most and least numbers of people you travel with?

2.     Which is better?

3.     What is the best city to visit beaches?

During 2010, the most we traveled with is 4 people, the least is traveling alone. What we prefer? You can read here. Did you really want the cities attached to beaches? The city best to enjoy beaches for this year is Makassar or Mumun is also considering Ambon. However, we’re confused, do you mean surface beaches or including the underwater scene? Well for surface beaches would be Rote, but when we have to drag you below, it’s definitely Togean islands, where both have near by beaches.

Endy Sepkendarsyah

Can Indohoy potentially distribute the inflation rate amongst the Indonesia areas?

Jes! (You didn’t ask how? :P)

Lily Lylian

Even when traveling with bestfriend(s), you can still get in to a misunderstanding while traveling. Have you ever had this problem? What was the cause? And how do you recall the good mood back in to an enjoyable trip?

We never really got in to major misunderstandings, well not this year. We’re big girls and we know how to enjoy the consequences of any decision

Erika Nandina

Vir, have you ever met a fling when traveling xixixixixixixix 😉 😉 😉 in what city? Confesss…

Vira: nope. Thank God you only asked about flings 😀

Mumun: Let it be noted, the question was directed only to Vira *off the hook

Yopi Priheda:

Coming to Bali?



Where would you recommend first-timers to visit Indonesia to learn to love it without freaking them out?

With a heavy heart, we have to say Bali. It offers both convenience and the raw side of Indonesia to those who seek it. Having said that, Indonesia is freaky anyways, but somehow those freaked out by it, we’re sure, managed to love it.

Teddy Setiawan

How do you overcome the unreliable transport system in Indonesia?

Let us use the famous Indonesia phrase ‘to love is to know’ or ‘Tak kenal maka tak sayang’. Since we know that Indonesian transportation is unreliable, we now can love it within its capacity and the other attributes that offers more love than hate: like mingling with the locals. So now we deal with it with patience and acceptance should something happen. It’s a default that we warn anyone that chooses to travel Indonesia 🙂

And by the way, thanks so much for the questions and hopefully your sincere and tireless support through out the year. We’re gonna need more of it for next years adventure hehehehehe…

From us, to you…

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