Our First Freebie!

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This giveaway is a ‘has been’. Next time folks!

As you may have noticed, we usually have a Friday Photo to welcome the weekend. But this time it’s special. As we promised in one of our previous videos, we’re giving out our first FREEBIE!!! Three cheers for us! Yay yay yay! OK, it’s not really free since you have to answer a few questions first! Bring out the trumpets! *Tetoteeeet.

Travel Indonesia - Our first quiz

And now ladies, gentlemen, and whatever you are if you don’t consider yourself in this category, here is your chance to grab this lovely Bena ikat or traditional woven cloth from Flores. It’s an original local handicraft made by hand (the people of Bena village live without electricity so there is no way this nifty scarf-kinda-thing can be made by a machine). So are you ready? Let’s go!

1. There’s a special fight going on in the Bajawa area and it start at a certain village every year. What is the fight called and where does it start?

2. Extra question that you have to answer honestly, in order to enter the contest: What do you think about our website and how can we improve it? (This is a bonus question, there is no right or wrong answer of course).

To be able to answer, you have to check out our latest entry here. Send your answers to us through ‘contact us’, our facebook page and profile, or through twitter (@indohoy, if you can in 140 characters).  WE WILL SEND IT TO YOU, WHERE EVER YOU ARE! Or to a certain someone you had in mind. Entries close on the 19th of July. So start reading!

By the way, it was Mumuns Birthday yesterday! Woohoo!!!

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