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It’s that time of the year! It’s almost the New Year’s Eve and everybody’s doing a review of the almost-passing year. And why aren’t we doing it? Says who?! We don’t wanna be left behind! We’re mainstream! Hahahaha…


As usual and expected, we filled this year with as many as traveling that we could in spite of the limited off-days and.. what else, budget! From January through December our destinations include the famous Bali, the underrated Aceh, the amazing Flores, the world-known Komodo National Park, the secluded Baduy Village, the rich Yogyakarta, and many more.

Travel Indonesia


We had started making videos of our travels since last year. But only in October 2011, during our Yogyakarta trip, did we start making a more crafted travelogue with more sophisticated equipment and preparation, thanks to our friend Abud the videographer slash video editor. Our introduction video gained some praises which kinda gave us an idea of being celebrity and got scared of it, and some, including ourselves, can’t hardly wait for the next ones to be ready for show.

travel Indonesia - Magelang  


In between trips, we’ve also been quite busy with work writing about our travels for magazines. Mumun and I had previously written under our individual names for Indonesian magazines before finally made it in several editions of Venture magazine under Indohoy name. We don’t intend to name-drop or anything, but what Indonesian travel writing rookies wouldn’t be proud to be summoned by a well-known editor in chief slash world traveler called Trinity who’s established in the travel writing world? We are honored!


travel Indonesia - Jakarta 


Not forgetting what we are mainly about, we also felt the need to enhance our website. Thinkweb has been a great support as a consultant and helping us in the on-progress facelift for pro-bono! God bless them for understanding how broke we’ve been 😛 Thanks to them, we’ve become more aware of the social media necessity. Until today, we’ve gained more and more blog readers, friends and fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and friends in real life with similar interests in traveling and getting to know more of Indonesia.

travel indonesia  -  jakarta 


What’s more, some unexpected great things came out of this circle of friends, like being invited to present Indohoy in a GIT gig in August which then making us quoted in an English written online news Jakarta Globe, and invited to what turned out to be a rather controversial event of orangutan reintroduction ceremony in Central Kalimantan early in November.

travel Indonesia - Jakarta 

pic from here

All in all, 2011 has been a great year for us. Though we’ve been black and blue keeping our travels going and still having an endless to-do list, we’re happy that we’ve been making progress towards our goal in making Indonesia a more known place worth visiting and helping you and everyone exploring the less-traveled places. Or so we hope. Thanks for all of your support, come and spend your salary here get to know our diverse cultures and enjoy the beautiful scenery, while still keeping nature preserved the best way we can.

Wow! 2011 was something for our beloved website, wasn’t it? As we recall, our main resolution was just to upgrade the website. We kept it simple so we could achieve it. With our day jobs and the amount of time we spend on the road, it looked hard to keep even 1 resolution. Heck! These days, it’s hard for anyone to keep their resolutions. OK! We didn’t achieve it yet, but we sure gained more than we bargained for, and by ‘we’, we also include YOU! *group hug*

On that note, we’re keeping our 2011 resolution since we haven’t achieved it. But we can’t wait to see what other excess achievement we’ll pull off next year. Aren’t you excited?

Travel Indonesia - Green Canyon

*pineapple dance*



Mumun & Vira

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