How Budget Travelers Payback to the Environment

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There are so many things that we’ve learned through traveling, especially when you’re on a budget. Out of the many, we’ve come to realize that being a so-called budget traveler changes our lifestyle and impacts positively to the environment. Would you agree to them?

The Good

–       Budget travelers consume less, hence they don’t have a lot of stuff. There’s no need to have so many things in their closet or at home when they’re spending most of their time on the road using the items they have in their packs. They would rather spend money on tickets. 😀

–       Eat at local diners; drink local beers! Aside to the fast food escape, budget travelers are adventurous when it comes to grub. On the road they try the local dish, which mostly are street food that are more resourceful than high-end food. Import items also consume jet fuel. 

–       Use public transportation. Budget travelers will prefer to walk or use public transport. On the road, transportation expenses can be reduced significantly when using public transport or shared vehicles. This lifestyle is then brought home, as they know they can save up for the next trip. Walking is a great exercise, guys!  

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The Bad

–       Jet fuel. When comparing to the non-traveler daily land fuel consumption, all is mostly the same. But considering jet fuel, travelers use more than the average person.

–       I guess that’s the only bad thing 😀

The bigger picture

The ultimate travelers are the nomads. They live on minimum supplies of necessities, only what they can carry, and without a permanent home. Now if that’s not environmentally friendly, I don’t know what is.

In the spirit to help the environment (and not ‘save’ it, because I really don’t like the term ‘saving the earth’ since we’re the ones that doomed it in the first place), here are some tips aside from the above that you can do as environmentally friendly travelers and that you can apply at home:

–       Prepare a water bottle that you can refill in places that provide limitless drinking water. This reduces your disposable bottles.

–       Support your travel gear with environmentally friendly products. Should you say, loose it or broke it, you could sleep well knowing that you added trash can blend in the local system.

–       Prepare a folded up bag. Once you roam an area or when going shopping, you can store the goodies you find in your folded up carry bag. By that you reduce the amount of plastic you need.

–       And reduce your consumption. There will always be good stuff out there, especially those that you probably don’t need. So save up! And spend it on the next ticket to your next destination.

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