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Submitted by mumunmumun on 25 September 2010   •  Opinion

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(submitting on behalf of Vira, who is on the road exploring the train tacks at the tip of her finger)

In travel writing, taking photo is a must. And when you travel to the beaches a lot, which is highly recommended when traveling in Indonesia, then an underwater camera becomes a must, numero uno. That is if you like to snorkel or dive, not just tanning and look pretty on the sand.

However, I’m the kind of person who hates to carry big and heavy equipments, so I’m happy with just a pocket camera. Well, that, and because those professional SLR cameras cost a fortune.

 Travel Indonesia - Canon D10

I’m very happy with the one I’ve got now, Canon Powershot D10, or as my friends and I here like to refer it as a “Cony Dio”, which is actually a name of a local has-been. And no, I didn’t get paid by Canon whatsoever to do this amateur camera review.

One of the reasons why I’m happy with D10 is the compliments that I get a lot on the pictures that I take with it. Another reason is because I like the results as well. Hehe. To me, it produces bright and vivid colors, especially in the blues and greens. And I can say this because I have a comparison.

Travel Indonesia - Canon D10

I once had another underwater camera (can I say the brand? It starts with an O, ends with an S, and it’s a mount in Greek mythology). I used to be disappointed with the results because the colors were dead and it didn’t focus well when lacking light. But not D10, it’s basically the opposite of that.

The pictures that I take with this cam are probably not of the best quality that could come out of it. But blame me, the woman behind the gun, not the gun. I admit that I haven’t explored the features much.

And one more thing that I like about this D10, is that it doesn’t have a lens cover. Well it does, but it’s sort of built in, it’s this clear glass (or plastic?) in front of the lens. There’s no need to open and close a lens cover, which can result in getting sand stuck in the cover, just like what happened to my previous one.

Oh and Mumun also uses the exact same camera as I do now, same casing color too. We’d check twice if we’re holding the right camera and not get them mixed up, when we travel together 😀

Technical information you can get here.

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