Festivals in Indonesia – Being Festive for #FriFotos

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Welcoming the festive season of Christmas and New Year all around the world, this week’s #FriFotos theme is, well, FESTIVE! As a people that likes to socialize and be merry with each other, there are a lot of moments during the season of festivals in Indonesia. Here are some that we caught with our lenses. Paaartaay!!

Solo Batik Carnival

It was the 5th SBC that took place in June, 2012, in Solo, Central Java. The Solo people have been known as the quiet and low profile kind, but they sure have a way with bling bling!

Solo Batik Carnival 2012


Chinese New Year (Imlek)

Expect to see barongsai shows in Semarang, Central Java, around the time of Chinese New Year (Imlek). This picture was taken in January 2012 at the Sam Poo Kong temple, one of the predominant temples in Java.

Semarang Chinese New Year

Yadna Kesada

The children participating in the annual event at the Bromo Mountain, East Java. In the dead of the night, the Tenggerese children are still happy to participate their annual ceremony of thanks.

yadnya kesada - children participating

Semana Santa

The festival participants come from neighboring island, thus everyone are on boats heading to Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara. Safety? Quota? What are you talking about?

Semana Santa - the festival participants

And what is your version of “festive”?

What is your plan for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


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