I Do. And I Will, Travel.

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Phew! The wedding is done, I’m a married woman now. All the bustles preparing for D-day have passed, teaching me personal lessons, too many to describe here. One thing for sure, I am grateful to Diyan’s and my parents for letting us decide on so many things for our wedding, a luxury that many Indonesian couples don’t have.

Bride & groom entrance

Picture by Kon-Tiki Photography. Thank you, cousins Riri & Didi!

Having that said, there were certainly some compromises we needed to do, as being married here means being married to the whole big family of your spouse. So I could forget about having a wedding wearing shorts, a tank top and flip flops on a beach somewhere, but instead I chose a laid back open-aired little venue with not so many guests (trust me, 300 invites is not that many according to Indonesian standard!) with modern touch for the decoration. And it wouldn’t be a perfect wedding if there were no drama about the dress! LOL…

Wedding dais

Picture by Muty, a travel (among others) enthusiast


“Are these the traditional Indonesian wedding clothes?” a foreigner might ask.

Well, yes and no. Diyan’s and my family are both originated from West Sumatra, so that makes us Minangnese. Here Diyan is wearing a Malay influenced suit that’s widely worn by Minangnese men on special occasions, combined with the hat called “saluak” and a piece of golden-thread cloth called “songket” wrapped around his waist. Being somewhat detached from my root culture, I’ve never been aware of saluak before, though I must’ve seen it in my relatives’ weddings or pictures. Diyan wanted to wear it so much, cos he too, just discovered about that hat, and thought it’d be a nice Minangnese touch, and I agreed. The shoes? Diyan is wearing a pair of simple black shoes that he can wear with modern suit and tie later.

As for my clothes, I’m wearing a modified “kebaya” top, a Javanese influenced blouse that’s become a national woman clothes in Indonesia. To keep it still on the Minang side, I have the kebaya combined with an old songket sarong that my mom has had since 23 years ago. Old songkets can be of very high value, and I accidentally ripped Mom’s songket a little just below the kebaya line. Oh no! (Luckily, Mom was so cool about it, saying, “It’s fine, you’re my last daughter anyway.” Phew!) The hairdo? Honestly, I’m not sure where that kind of hairdo is originated, but I love the ‘flower garden’ embedded on my hair! Hahaha..

Wedding collage

Collage by Danti, a college friend who came all the way from Bandung 🙂


“But if you’re married, you can’t travel anymore!”

Hm, why not? I’m sure being married will affect my traveling, as I will spend at least a weekend per month visiting my in-laws in the nearby town, discuss with Diyan before hitting that “Purchase” button on airlines websites, and small stuff like that. But so far I don’t see why I should stop traveling at all. After all, it was a night at Baduy Dalam that got us close with each other.. (ooh, how scandalous!). And seeing how my parents fill up their mileage and passports even until today, I really can’t see why being married is thought as a travel stopper. 🙂

Plus, Mumun will kill me if I stop traveling!


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7 years ago

Virrrrrr!!!!! selamat ya 🙂 menempuh hidup yang*sesungguhnya* , be happy and be free *lohh Kok be free? kan udah terikat 🙂 maksudnya teuteup be free to treval 🙂 , hug from Ubud .

Adam @ PergiDulu
7 years ago

Haaaawt. Congrats and best wishes for the future. I also had the question about how travel will be different for you in the future. Of course it will be, but I guess it’s up to you two how it’s going to work. Do you think you’ll travel more often with your new husband?

7 years ago

You look amazing kak Vira! Wow!
Hope you have an amazing (travel) life together! 🙂

Philardi Ogi
7 years ago

Vira! You look lovely…

marriage doesn’t stop me from travelling,the wife does!haha kidding 🙂

Congrats Vira and Diyan!

7 years ago

You’re such a pretty bride, Vira! Please don’t stop travelling, ya 😀
Still looking forward to your story here with Mumun. Congratz again!

Ifan Ismail
Ifan Ismail
7 years ago

Again, congrats, Vir. And yes, it is a luxury, for having able to decide yourselves many things on your own wedding. Felt good, didn’t it? XD

Lucia Sihombing
Lucia Sihombing
7 years ago

such a great couple, congrats Vira and Diyan #baduy stories :p

Timothy W Pawiro
7 years ago

Congrats Vira for your wedding ….

Perhaps a spin-off of your travel blog: Travelling as a married couple ^o^

Anyway, lovely dress! And yess I love intimate and small wedding, but 300 is still a lot! Haha 😛

Ari Meilanny
7 years ago

Hi Vira,

Congrats ya finally you’ve made it! Embrace your new life with joy & happiness. Keep on loving & travelling!

7 years ago

wuaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! congratz yah!!!!! nothing cant stop you from traveling though! I do agree with that! 🙂

7 years ago

Wuihhhhh selamat kaka! 😀