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It’s a long way to the top… as AC/DC would say. Yes kiddos, I do listen to them, but let’s move on rather than dwell how old I am. But AC/DC got it right, even rock n rollers work hard to get to the top, no matter how much fun they seem to have. For travel bloggers, it is also the same. People may think travel blogging is a lot of fun, traveling, playing, meeting locals and having a blast, which is partially true, but it’s also a lot of work. Stumbling on Booke Vs the World’s little tweet on how she was feeling a little down about not making peoples favorite list of bloggers reminded me that Indohoy is not the only one’s trying to make it. Even world class bloggers have it hard at times.

If there is one thing that I learned in maintaining a website, it’s that consistency is the hardest trait of them all. When you feel that there is no results of what you do, all you’re doing is losing time, money, and energy. Sometimes, when you don’t really want to say something, you have to. At these times, stopping would really be the easiest thing to do.

In addition on how hard it is to be consistent, we’re really trying to figure out how to circulate our budget to keep on going. We both still have daily jobs to maintain not to mention our social life that we *cough! have. There is a demand out there and we want to fulfill it, all for the sake of more information on Indonesia. We want you to come here, really! We’re confident that we have more that what you would expect. But it’s gonna take a lot of work. The yellow brick road is still heading to house of the wizard, and for now, we can only see a speck at the end. So… it’s a long long way but we’re heading there one step at a time. And today, this is what I’m affirming myself.

By the way, being on top would be great, it would be a time that everything would be easier to do. Traveling would be endorsed and the important information would be easier to gain. But that is only a bonus to what we really want to do. And what we want to do is provide more insights on traveling to Indonesia. So cheers to more spirit this year and for more travels to come!

Travel Indonesia: Togean

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