Our Next Project – Indohoy Meets Pantara

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Traveling gets you to various destinations. The depths of Banda Ocean, the high Ijen Mountain, the lively Bali, or even the festivity of Songkran, are a few places we’ve visited through out the years. But places are merely a portion of the whole equation. Through out the years, we’ve crossed paths with some awesome and interesting people. Not all people are good, we’ve met some pretty weird ones too, but they all bring some hue to our colorful life on the road.

Pantara x indohoy-2

From the people you meet on the road like Pak Sandung of Setumbu Hill, Magelang, be-friend with Achmad Alkatiri, old friends that enjoy traveling such as Asri and her little princess, to new strangers like Larry and Judy Vira met in Greece. It was once a great excess to a trip, now people are part of the destination. You just don’t know who you’ll meet and how you’ll eventually interact with them.

One of those people happened to be opposite table of us over a cup of coffee. We first came across their blog, a side page to his online shop. The blog looked nice, travel oriented, and was written well. It’s a good blog for a product and we vouched it as a great way to promote the product. We happen to contribute some of our Borneo photos here, too. Surprisingly, he believed in what we do and supported us, although from a distance. Eventually, we got to know one of the people behind Pantara.

Tata Pantara


Tata is one of the faces behind Pantara.co, a brand that we’ve been wearing for some time now. He’s really skinny. Just saying. He’s been building his brand with founder, Umar, towards t-shirts for travelers, seen in the graphics.

We like the designs more that we thought. The fabric is awesome for traveling, relatively thin and comfortable, especially for the tropical weather. We were eager to work with him, inline with our wanting to make the next edition of Indohoy t-shirts. As you might recall, this was our first edition.

kaos indohoy


Tata has a passion to make a line that is comfortable for traveling. Budget or not, travelers have the right to look good and feel good. He believes that traveling wear should be designed nicely. He also believes that it can be produced locally. We picked his brain to understand what is it that he wants to do and whether we’re on the same page or not.

“So what do you want to represent? What is it that you sell?” we asked upon proposal of cooperation.

“I want to sell love,” he answered with passionate eyes. OK. That sounded wrong, but don’t take it the wrong way; he’s selling his love for great t-shirts and travel wear. He wants people to feel his passion and we certainly saw it. I wouldn’t know if he was representing himself or not, but he’s a great extension of Pantara.

Hence, we’re working together with them with this t-shirt. It says something what we believe in and it’s our original. There’s no definite reason that your journey has to end, because clearly the playground has no edge. Land or sea, the world was made for us to roll with it.

Pantara for boys and girls

The world is round; the road never ends.

So, should you be interested to get one and support us traveling to the corners of the country, you can head down to this link and get one now. Each of your purchase of Pantara x Indohoy t-shirt will help us finance our trips and share the information with the world.

Vira blue white yellow

There was a predicament here.

 We’ll also be promoting on our social media so you’ll come across some promotions of it, too. For purchasing check the official page here. Hope to see you in one soon. Give a shout out should you do!

Travel on!


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Zahra Rabbiradlia
5 years ago

Nice! Sukses selalu 🙂

5 years ago

woohooo!!! is that puspita the yellow volkswagen?

5 years ago

Pm sist yang atas

5 years ago

Yellow! I love the design, guys.