Indonesian Fruit Fiasco. Go Figure!

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Every country has their thing! That’s what makes traveling so much fun, it’s because we get to learn a whole bunch of things and get educated! Mentioning a bit (*cough) I did live a small part of my life in Australia. Being so close to Indonesia, I would think that there wouldn’t be too much of a difference. Of course, we all know I’m wrong. But it really hit me when I first saw an avocado slice in my sandwich. I was like ‘WTF’? I’ve heard of guacamole but in sandwiches? You’ve got to be kidding! But it was the same reaction when I told my Aussie friend that we make juices out of Avocado. It boggles me that they thought it was offensive, well at least until they tasted how good it can be.

So here some other wired things Indonesian fruit creations, which I still think is pretty weird till today.

1.     Avocado juice.

You know that green slime Nickelodeon uses to slime people? Well imagine sucking it up. Yup that’s what avocado juice looks like. Green slime. But believe us, it tastes a lot better than it looks. Once blended with a bit of condense milk or sugar, it really tastes delicious. It’s creamy and smooth, even though some prefer it a little chunky. Like peanut butter, it’s about whatever your preference is.

Travel Indonesia - Avocado juice

2.     Fried Banana

When one is addicted to this yellow being, one would think why would anyone fry a banana. Well, because it tastes good. It’s one of my favorite foods of all time. Surely the banana we fry is best when it’s not the kind you would regularly eat. Here in Indonesia, there a so many variations of banana species that are better submerged in hot oil. It’s a common snack sold on the street, which makes my life a lot more happier 😀

Travel Indonesia - Fried bananas

3.     Mango Chilly Paste

Mango is always known for its ripe form. But in Indonesia, especially ethnicities that enjoy a few huffs and puffs from chili, also like to blend it with chili. We usually use the young greenish white mango. It adds a little umph of sourness that goes well with the taste that burns your tongue.

Travel Indonesia - Chilly mango

4.     Jackfruit Veggie Dish

Jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits. In my opinion, no Jackfruit should ever come down from the tree before it’s ripe! That’s just me. But I never mind an episode of a veggie dish made of young Jackfruit and cooked with coconut milk and a dozen other spices. Jackfruit can be made in to a savory veggie dish, seeds and all.

Or maybe some would know its other form. For those of you that has been to Jogjakarta and tried the Gudeg, then you would know what I’m talking about. Jogja is even known for this jackfruit side dish. 

5.     Durian

Last and very least, is the Durian. There is nothing we can do to this fruit to make it weird. It just is. Bleh!

Travel Indonesia - Durian oh durian

(Let me just state that I’m no fan of Durian. Maybe I’m the one that’s weird because I do like processed Durian in to what we call lempok, just not the original fruit. But according to Vira, and millions and millions of other Indonesians that would die for this satanic piece of fruit, I am the odd ball because I don’t like it. But that’s a matter of opinion :p).

There’s a whole lot more things we do to muck fruits around, we’re just mentioning our subjective 5 (especially number 5, which is highly subjective, and Vira is behind my back making sure I’m stating it). Maybe you’ll find things a lot wierder according to you. Let us know, we do like the strange ;).

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