Influencers vs World and Relations to the Travel Industry

Submitted by mumunmumun on 28 January 2018


In recent events, there had been two cases of YouTube creators under the media’s spotlight relating to travel; Logan Paul and Elle Darby. It has been fascinating to see how things had blown up. As much as the case stated around the world is quite understandable, I have a different outcome of the ordeal. Here’s my two cents. My verdict so far: in the case of the world vs so-called the influencers, it’s 2 to null.

Logan Paul, The Dumb American.

His words, not mine.

Logan Paul Japan

In the case of Logan Paul, there has been some stress about how him disrespecting the local Japanese people with all his antics and the broadcast of a suicide victim. A good summary of Logan Paul’s case which started to get viral due to We Are Unicorn tweet, you can read in this article. Aside to really disrespecting the Japanese, initially I thought this case was blown up because he’s American and the current Trump situation on different cultures. But considering disrespectful people that travel, it happens every day.

Logan Paul isn’t the first ignorant person to travel and post his findings. Go to Bali! There’s a whole bunch of them there. Heck! I might have been one myself at some point. We all travel dumb to start with. There are so many countries in the world, we’re bound to slip on a local culture somewhere, severely or lightly. I don’t even have a problem with him making a video about the suicide forest incident. He lives with a camera in his face 24/7 and from his YouTube channel, I can see that he isn’t much of a polite and respectful person in general. He’s young, at an age craving for attention, and lack of cultural knowledge. Of course, he would post the video. That’s what he does, his livelihood. I’m not surprised. And unfortunately, his posies who don’t know any better, didn’t stop him either.

But what got to me is a small footage when he threw a plush poké ball at a policeman on the street of Japan. This really hit me that he would do anything to get views. Think about it, if you were aware that you were in trouble in a foreign country, wouldn’t you stay low and, at least, turn the cameras down? He had the nerve to still joke around and shoot his camera. If he was covered by some tourism board or media permit, knowing the Japanese, I think someone has lost their job. Clearly, Logan Paul did it for the views. He wouldn’t be looking at the camera if he didn’t.

The Logan Paul case is an obvious case on what this YouTube and social media driven generation is doing to be popular or to make a living. It’s scary.

Last status of Logan Paul is that he become some advocate of metal health issues. Is this because people are bashing him for the suicide case only? I’m wondering why he’s not doing anything in relation to responsible traveling.


The Elle Darby Debacle.

This self-claimed influencer got caught in a virtual ‘calling each other out’ situation. I will not get into details, you can read about the influencer asking for a free stay and then humiliated, here. On this case, it’s very clear that the hotel owner won it all. First, her proposal email stated that she was going to Dublin for a holiday with her boyfriend. So she’s really asking for a place to stay while she and her boyfriend were going to be lazy. Hmm.. not the smartest start. OK. To be fair, that’s till a decent proposal, presenting what she required to what she can offer, but it could easily pissed a business owner off.

Elle Darby

The hotel was wrong. They could’ve replied with a simple no. But since the owner is an evil genius, he went and posted his hate mail on Facebook. It’s probably the peak of his resentment after many similar emails, Elle just had to be the unlucky victim. She then decided to rant about this unethical behavior on YouTube. Well, this isn’t an act from someone at a level of 5 free night stay in a mid-high end hotel. Classy people don’t clap back like that.

The thing is, after seeing her channel, I’m not surprised that the hotel declined her proposal. She lives in a relatively small house and her activities probably doesn’t touch on the lifestyle audience that the hotel is looking for. In one of her recent videos, she bought a 3 dollar sports bra. I don’t think the people of The White Moose hotel can gain anything if exposed to her audience. I can only assume, of course. She might think the owner doesn’t understand social media, the owner definitely knows she doesn’t understand black marketing.

As for the hotel, they have lost nothing, if not, gain more respect by opening a Pandora box for people that dislike these so-called influencers that like to ask for freebies. The way I see it, it’s a huge amount of press for the hotel.

To top things off, none of these influencers are travel vloggers. And here we are. I have a feeling there will be backlash to the travel industry.

To close this rant about influencers, I’d like to say that working in blogging and with social media has been interesting, especially in the case of influencers. In the day where influencers are sometimes (not all the time) more impactful than celebrities, there has been a struggle about new ethics. But we’re evolving. I’d just like to say, thanks to Logan and Elle, we’re setting the ethics better. Unfortunately, on their expense.

This opinion was a result after the case had developed much, and might change in accordance to the continuum of the cases.

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2 years ago

What do you mean Logan did it for views? He GETS views 😌

*second sentence was his own words

2 years ago
Reply to  Nita

On Ellen Darby, did you know the hotel actually invoiced her for the publication she gets thanks to this case? 😄

Jess Pacheco
2 years ago

Goodness gracious. I gotta say, it’s these types of bloggers/influencers/brand managers that give a bad rep to the entire lot of us. I have never asked for a handout, but I especially wouldn’t do so without doing my research of the product’s or place’s demographic and how my blog would help their efforts. I have even applied for writing gigs in the past with actual print screens of my analytics, engagement and audience overview. Although I don’t agree with how the hotel handled it, I do understand why such “business” or lack thereof would offend them. Interesting read, thanks. Jess… Read more »