It’s A Bird! It’s A Cendrawasih! No, It’s A Garuda! It’s The New Wonderful Indonesia Logo!

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We have been involved in several projects with Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. To name some of them are the Baronda Maluku, Minangkabike and a few of the Trip of Wonders projects. We are friends with bloggers and instagramers who are also involved in a lot of the ministry’s projects. So we are very familiar with their Wonderful Indonesia logo, which is used to identify the ministry’s official marketing programs. What we didn’t know was that the colorful lines on the logogram actually symbolizes a garuda. It is a mythical bird used in Indonesia’s state insignia, and not cendrawasih, the bird of paradise and an endemic bird of Papua. Oops!

The new Wonderful Indonesia logo.

Changes of Wonderful Indonesia Logo over the Years

The minister of tourism, Arief Yahya, launched the logo in 2017. So it’s not totally brand new. But the ministry still feels the need to socialize it because many still use the older versions of the logo.

Looking at the changes of the logo since 2008, I think I know why people are still mistaken the logo with the old versions. The changes are too subtle to differentiate, especially to people with untrained eyes design-wise. It puzzles me though, why did they make the changes so subtle? 

The changes of Wonderful Indonesia logo.

Well, now that we know about the changes, we want to share a bit more information about Wonderful Indonesia logo and meaning.

Why A Bird

In addition to the above info, the reason why there is a bird in the logo is because it symbolizes freedom to soar high, explore the world with open wings and be adventurous. Birds are also the fauna with the most population in Indonesia. And the fact that we’ve mistaken it with cendrawasih, might indicate that we have been using it too much to refer to things Indonesian. 

A little fun fact: the garuda, though mythical, is inspired by the Javanese Eagle, which is endemic to Java and distinct by its mini mohawk feathers on the back of its head. 

Photo from here.

The Festive Colors

The primary color of Wonderful Indonesia branding is purple. The other color components are green, orange, blue and magenta. They not only to attract the eyes of the beholders, but they also represent so many good things that make Indonesia wonderful – from imagination to balance, to openness, innovation, nature, peacefulness, and more. I personally think that the whole logo looks conventional. But the colors do give it a little excitement. 

When the logo is used against certain kind of backgrounds, these colors would just be black or white. But when it’s used in its primary version, the colorful garuda is contrasted with the gray and black logotype that reads, surprise surprise, “Wonderful Indonesia”.  And this brings us to the next explanation.

Logo Components

As we’ve mentioned separately, the logo consisted of a logogram (an image or picture, in this case the garuda bird) and a logotype (the text, “wonderful Indonesia”). They are like Romeo and Juliet, may not be separated or else. 

The position of the logotype has to be on the left to the garuda. The ‘wonderful’ is in gray and on top, while ‘indonesia’ is to be more standout in black. A little exception can take place on layouts where everything has to be on one line, but the bird still has to be on the right. Bravo for consistency!

How to use the logo as a two-liner or one-liner.

A Quick Way to Tell the Right Logo

So here are a few tips to easily identify the new wonderful Indonesia logo:

  • The top left part of the garuda’s wing is orange
  • The logotype ‘wonderful indonesia’ is placed adjacent to the torso of the garuda; not under, not on top, not adjacent to the tail or head. 
  • And the logotype is definitely on the left to the logogram. 

If you ever need to use the logo or simply want to know the brand guidance, just get them here. There you can see how to or not to use it. A logo may seem simple and ‘just a little doodle’, but it’s actually far more complex than that and it can affect the image of whatever it represents.


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