Komodo Can’t Vote For Themselves

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There’s been no doubt that the ‘Komodo National Park as the next 7 wonders’ issue has been in the faces of Indonesians for sometime, especially to those that are exposed to the internet. But today to be exact, the issue has resided a bit… now, I can think a lot clearly about the issue considering that I’m not smothered in it.

The 7 wonders is back doing a revote to see what is the next 7 wonders of the world. Indonesia is working hard to make Komodo National Park as one of them, since the Borobudur has slid off the list. Everyone is encouraged to vote. There are adds, twits, and notice on numerous social networks asking us to vote Komodo National Park.

Travel Indonesia: Komodo island

Picture: courtesy of Indra Febriansyah

So should you vote? If you like the Komodo National Park and all it has to offer, please vote for Komodo at www.new7wonders.com. Vote for it is because you think it’s worth seeing, it’s worth the hassle.  And if you’ve been here, I’m sure you will 😉 no matter what ‘adventurous’ experience you had. We need all the foreign support that we can get. If you’re Indonesian and reading this, do remember that it is the votes from other country that matters. So get your friends and family that is living abroad to consider voting. And please vote sincerely, and not because someone else told you to. Be aware of what you are voting for. There are many consequences of pushing natural beauty to such exploits, consequences that not many people realize: the garbage, the modern culture exposure, the government and private interference in local livelihood, the strain on the environment, etc. So please be aware of what you choose.

travel indonesia - Komodo Islands

Picture: courtesy of Indra Febriansyah

Making Komodo National Park as one of the 7 wonders is a great opportunity to promote the country as a tourist destination. This is definitely true. But I personally don’t believe that there is only 7 wonders in the world. Not to mention the wonders are shuffled according to what’s popular and what’s not. I don’t know, it sounds like a scheme to me, a business as one might say. And since Komodo island is nature’s offering, I personally do not agree of comparing it with other wonders of this world. The Grand Canyon is magnificent, Amazon is wonder, the Great Barrier Reef is to di(v)e for, but I can not say it is to a level to be competed.  Every place is different and subjectively beautiful.

Will I vote? I don’t think I will. Well basically because I haven’t seen it or the other sites to “compare” with 😉 Gotta get there first.

We would love to see you guys to visit Indonesia. We would have open arms for you to see what we have installed from the top of craters to the deep sea. We believe Indonesia is beautiful and exciting, and not for the faint hearted. We believe Komodo National Park is not the only place that is a wonder. In Indonesia there are heaps of them! But then again… it’s subjectively beautiful.

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