#KonMari Method and the Lost Romance of Beat Up Travel Gears

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Like everyone else, I, too, am throwing shit out because of Marie Kondo. One of the items that needed to go is my backpack. However, slightly different to the #KonMari method, it still made me skip when I hug it. It was truly preloved by definition as I’ve worn it out. But with more people making space in their homes, it got me thinking. As a fan of rugged and vintage items, I wonder is the #KonMari method persuading us to let go of things that tell our stories a little too soon? Should I still keep my backpack?

backpack karrimor
My backpack was preloved and post loved.

I bought this Karrimor backpack at the Travel Sale we did in 2014. Alongside Uci, Ipink, and Firsta, we held a potluck garage sale for items related to traveling. This was actually Uci’s backpack and she was letting it go for a very reasonable price. It was a little dull, but it was still in shape and had a unique color. Because I don’t like to shop and I’m picky, I bought it mostly out of convenience. Turns out, it was perfect for my daily and travel activities.

Read more about how to pick the right back pack.

Now, it’s been over 4 years, on top of the years before I bought it. I’ve taken it to so many places, in fact it’s one of my best travel companions. It’s my blankie of traveling. It’s been up and down hills, in and out of cars and busses, and has even crossed seas. If only the dust still sticking on it could tell the stories of my mediocre life. Thanks to my mother, who taught me to never make a habit of throwing things away, I’ve loved it long enough for it to look rugged and used. I’ve always thought rugged things look cool because it means you’ve been to places and done things. I’ve had a few comments saying so. The bag, not the owner.

natgeo tag
A lot of people like this tag, and yet it came with the bag. Long live preloved items!

#Konmari and the questions

As an ode to my backpack, I took pictures of it only to realize that lately I haven’t seen much romance in travel gears, and items in general. I rarely see ripped rucksacks, dull-colored flannel shirts, beat up shoes, or anything with dust or coffee stains on it anymore. We can now easily replace things just because we can, and seems like people enjoy having more new shiny things for their travels. And that’s OK, it’s also a good sign of economy. But I miss the good old days, when the scars on our gear would start conversations. And Marie Kondo isn’t helping, as people are throwing rugged, but still useful, things away. It made wonder, why aren’t we celebrating wearing things till they fall apart? Why aren’t we racing to see which items can really stand the test of time?

In the case of my backpack, I have to admit lately it sparks conversation not about the stories, but requests that I should replace it. It has gone beyond looking rugged. The tears are getting caught in things. Some parts are sticking out and it’s annoying. Zippers are jammed. And wearing it looks like I haven’t moved on from adolescence (probably haven’t, but maybe I don’t want to). I also found a more durable backpack, water resistant, something the old bag desperately needs to be; and it looks more chic for work purposes Marie Kondo is advocating to buy smartly and not add clutter, so I’m confident to say I’m replacing it, not hoarding. So, it’s time.

blogger tag
A tag I kept from previous work. Didn’t feel like getting rid of it, stock on for quite a while.

Bidding farewell!

I think 4 years was a good run. I’ve used it to the fullest. And as much I want to love it much more, it needs to go and time for me to mold the new bag. However, if there’s one thing I can take from the #KonMari method, it’s saying gratitude!

So, good bye, old friend. Thank you for always having my back everywhere we went. You will always be remembered in this blog.

I just realized that in a time where people are racing to review their new stuff on blogs, I’m actually writing about something that I’m letting go and is a discontinued item. Where are we taking this blog? LOL!

There are  some considerations on how to pick a backpack on this link too.

Goodbye old friend
Goodbye old friend. Thank you for everything!

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