Looking Beautiful While Traveling

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The Gurus of Looking Beautiful While Traveling

It was on the Baronda Maluku trip, where I got some kind of ‘teaching’ (should you call it that) about looking beautiful while traveling, or anytime. I had the joy and honor to travel with some of Indonesia’s prominent TV personalities and divers: Riyanni Djangkaru, Marischka Prudence (Prue) and Dayu Hatmanti. Not only are they beautiful, they are also humble, ‘leaking buckets’ (a term used for very humorist), and had no problem of being outdoorsy.

looking beautiful while traveling

What’s more is that these ladies know how to look fab and still have a good time when it comes to traveling. For them, when it comes to beauty, it’s not only about looking fresh and having fun with colors, it’s also about taking care of oneself, which also can be done between travel times. Can’t forget to use good quality products! It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it loves the skin. When it comes to traveling, they’re out in the sun and getting in and out of the water, grabbing the experience, and living to the fullest.

With understanding of their skin, products, and medication, injuries are a minor price that they’re willing to take. Prue didn’t even fuss over her puss she suffered after scraping her knee somewhere in Ora Beach. Was she over traveling?

Nggak, lah! (No way!)” she said, chuckling. I’m with her.

Getting Dolled Up

For all of the girls, which also included freelance journalist Atre and travel blogger Ajeng , it was a consensus without further reminding, to wear sun block almost everyday. Apparently, everybody wants to be looking beautiful while traveling and afterwards. The guys also coated us as they too understand the pain of an unwanted sunburn. It’s the basic. We travel, so we know the drill.

looking beautiful while traveling

But of course, our beautiful TV personalities took beauty to another level. I’ve never seen so much make-up on a casual trip in my life! Compact powder, moisturizers, eye shadows (in several shades), lipsticks (in several shades), lip-gloss (in several shades and were water resistant), eyeliners, blush on, bronzers, cleansers, toners, lotions and soaps were some of the things I saw amongst the rubble of all our luggage. And on me.

I have to say, getting dolled up on a trip was a lot of fun. It was the first time I’ve ever dived with fake lashes and learning how these ladies smize (smile with your eyes) underwater. It was paired with extra waterproof eyeliner, mascara, gold eye shadow and waterproof lip-gloss. In between it all, I also dug up some of their beauty secrets like masks, serums and vitamins.

looking beautiful while traveling

Looking beautiful is one thing, but for them, being fulfilled is the real goal.

Tips for looking beautiful while traveling:

–        Have fun with colors. Note to self: not to fear a little make-up during traveling. It does make your pictures look good 🙂

–        If you’re a fish like these women, be alert of using water resistant products for your travel. Not only can they survive the pool, they can also survive the sweat after you tan or do some heavy activities.

–        Get to know other girls on your trip. You can swap make-up (should you not have a problem with it) and have more variation of colors.


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6 years ago

Wont let myself to look ugly & dekil during my traveling :p

6 years ago
Reply to  Jalan2Liburan

that won’t do good for the pictures, now will it? :))

6 years ago

aaaaa gilaaa cantik2 banget, etrmasuk yang nggak suka dandan, semua jadi keliatan beda!

6 years ago
Reply to  lucianancy

maybe we should try that too sometimes on a trip ;D

Marischka Prudence
6 years ago


5 years ago

Kak, boleh tau apa aja brand andalan yg waterproof especially for sunblock, eyeliner, and eyeshadow? And oh, you all are so fabolous I want! Thank you 🙂