It’s Only March in 2017 But Why Does It Feel Like the Whole Year Has Passed?

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It’s mid-March, not so deep in the year, already I feel like I have done so many! Reality: I don’t think I have done that many things but my schedule has been pretty tight with new activities, that I find it hard to squeeze in my old plans. Maybe, I just don’t manage my time all that well.

Let’s see. This blog has been a little bit abandoned my Mumun and me. We used to post at least an article every week last year, and more often before that. But now, we’re lucky to manage a post every other week. What happened?

Life, I guess.

march 2017
Photo by @diyantouchable

Approximately starting end of 2016, Mumun quit her day job and co-founded this new online media, which I’m not sure how much I may tell, with buddy Windy Ariestanty and a few others. She’s been showing up at travel events on behalf of I Was Here and drilled by Windy almost 24/7 nonstop to come up with superb travel stories. To be honest, I don’t really know what they’re doing, not in details. But it seems to involve cooking and gathering every other Friday with ‘chef’ Vindhya.

Speaking of whom..

Starting February, Vindhya, the founder of Ibu Penyu trip organizer, has been cooperating with my brand, By Vira Tanka. Okay, let’s back up a few months.

My sketching hobby had turned into a small business of printed scarfs and various products since July 2016, such as scarfs, notebooks and tote bags. Now I’m collaborating with Vindhya in making products with my sketches of objects that are related with her tour’s destinations (you can check on Instagram with #ibupenyubyviratanka). We also commit to donate 10% of the profit to movements or organizations that care for the environment, like the Kampung Penyu in Selayar Island, South Sulawesi. The response to this collaboration is pretty good. I think I’ve gotten busier with my sales and purchase tables.

march 2017
One of the items of collaboration with Ibu Penyu: string bags.


march 2017
Ibu Penyu aka Vindhya herself


However, I believe I also owe it to my earlier collaboration with Indohoy’s friend: Urban Icon Store. They’ve had my products displayed in their 24 stores (twenty-four!) in a few cities across Indonesia along with their awesome bags, watches and other cool trinkets for a whole month. The feeling when friends send me a photo of them with the display at the stores is just amazing. I totally appreciate their appreciation of my (collaboration) work!

march 2017
By Vira Tanka display along with Urban Icon’s awesome products.


Meanwhile, Mumun’s busyness with I Was Here has led her to some unique opportunities. She was made up as Marilyn Mumun by the famous beauty parlor Toni & Guy along with Windy and adventuress Riyanni Djangkaru. It’s good to know that she could channel her inner ANTM a little bit, making Tyra proud. As as a family person that she is, or how her mom aspires her to be, Mumun managed to squeeze in a few days to travel to Makassar for a family event.

march 2017
Can you spot Mumun here?


march 2017
On a walking tour held by I Was Here in Kota Tua, Jakarta.


I, on the other hand, haven’t been traveling that far this beginning of year. I spent a few days in Singapore and my furthest destination within Indonesia so far is Gresik, a small town in East Java.

It was my first time to Gresik and I was there only for a few hours.

Cumi Lebay, as our blogger pal Moechamad Adi Maryanto liked to be called, passed away in his hometown Gresik on March 3, midnight. It was hard to believe at first because he had been quiet about being sick for a few weeks, not many people knew his real condition. Some blogger friends and I couldn’t make it to the funeral but we made it to meet his family the day after. It was the saddest trip I’ve been on. Mumun and I had been meeting up with Cumi occasionally just to exchange updates mainly on the blogging world. He was popular for his naughty signature style, that is posing only in colorful swimwear, which some found offensive. However, he often reminded us to keep our faith and remember God in everything we do. He was always a religious one and it seemed that God took him back a lot sooner than we’d think and protect him from further inconvenience in life.

Cumi talked quite a lot about his life and family in Gresik, and finally I got to see it for real, even only for a few hours. And I know he would’ve wanted us to move on, as he was one happy-go-lucky dude.

march 2017
Cumi, in the middle. This was my last trip with him, to Central Java. At the left is Atre.


march 2017
So long, pal. May you rest in peace. Gresik, March 5, 2017.


March is still going on. Mumun will be learning and playing about writing in an event called Kanca in Yogyakarta, and then preparing for a launch of We Were Here (I Was Here’s user-generated-content media).

Me, I’m preparing for a crafty bazaar at Tugu Kunstkring while juggling time with a pro-bono drawing for an exhibition project in Kota Tua and developing new products for By Vira Tanka.

In between, we are still struggling to keep up with our blog post plans, which, believe me, have been lining up waiting to be written.

march 2017
I don’t think we can take 2017 like this. Ha.


So that’s what’s happened with us in the beginning of 2017. We’re busy, yet things-to-do keep piling up, testing our time management skill.

And you, what’s been happening in your life?








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3 years ago

Ahahahaha.. it’s not a serious thing. We just cook every 2 weeks for having fun :)))

Ary Mozta
3 years ago

Happy to see the things you guys are doing beyond Indohoy, though. Wishing the both of you all the best!