Notebooks Giveaway from the Brand New Indohoy!

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notebooks giveaway
Our new Home! Yay or Nay?


Notebooks giveaway! But first, did you notice that we’re back after a while of hybernating? If you look at the posting date of our previous post, you’d probably think we’re lazy bloggers. The thing is, it was time for us to have a new look, and it had to take us weeks offline due to some technology issues. Thanks to our awesome web developer, Think.Web, we now have updated our look into something more clean and more ‘today’ but still with some colorful touch because you just can’t take colors out of Indonesia. And to celebrate the newness, we’re having notebooks giveaway!

New to this blog?

Instead of just tagging categories, we now group posts in 5 big categories: TIPS, DESTINATION, ITINERARY, OPINION, and ABROAD.

TIPS – In this category, we put “how to” posts and lists of things that can make your travel easier.

DESTINATION – This is the biggest category because we put a lot in this one, from general experience in a place to specific review of hotels. To make it simpler for you, we subcategorize the posts based on location.

ITINERARY – This is a revised version of our old Trips category. In this category, we try to make recommendations of itinerary and divide them based on length of the trip: 1 Month, 1 Week, 2 Week and 3 Day 2 Night.

OPINION – Though we inject our opinions in all our posts, this category is specially dedicated to posts in which we only say our opinions on travel and culture related things or events. You won’t find any practical information here.

ABROAD – Our main focus is traveling Indonesia, but we believe in traveling anywhere we want and can. So check out this category for our travel abroad stories.

Scroll down to the bottom of page, you’ll see where to find us on social media. Currently we’re most active on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We try to update our YouTube, Steller and G+ as much as we can, but let’s face it, we can only do so much social media.

There are still some things we need to tidy up, some articles found in a wrong section or something like that. We’re doing our best to tidy things up while still moving on with new posts.

So that’s about it. As our initial purpose of setting up this website, all these enhancements are made for easier experience for any reader of ours, for any travelers looking for info on Indonesia.


Notebooks giveaway
3 notebooks with sketches of Indonesia for 3 winners!

Let Us Know What You Think and Win Notebooks Giveaway!

There would be no enhancements if it weren’t for inputs from our readers, friends and idols. So to keep us always aware of how we’re performing, we’d like to know what you think of our new look. To show our appreciation for your attention, we’re giving out 3 notebooks (with 5 detachable postcards with Vira’s sketches) for 3 of you that we’ll pick randomly.

Here’s how to win the notebooks giveaway:

  1. Please write a comment below: what you like about our current website, and what you think could be made better.
  2. After your comment, let us know how we could get in touch with you, in case you’re one of the winners. (Twitter is most prefered, but if you’re not on Twitter, any social media, email, or blog address would do.)

Easy peasy, right?

We’ll wait for your answers for the notebooks giveaway until 2 weeks from now. We’ll annouce the winners shortly afterwards.

Happy traveling!


notebooks giveaway
Off to travel destinations with our air scooter!


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Ratu Patimasang
4 years ago

Hi, Indohoy! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ratu from Jakarta, working as a Public Relations in one of the 5 star hotel in Jakarta; and love traveling so much. But because now I’m having two lil babies, so I postponed my traveling plans! 🙂 Regarding your new website, I like it; especially the Destinations tab. We able to know our beautiful Indonesia from the pictures and its stories you’ve shared. Also I like the Tips; so everyone can understand the things we should now from your experiences. But, it will be so much better if you provide the… Read more »

Bijaksana Junerosano
4 years ago

I love mumun face and vira gesture in this page. That is indohoy all about! Unique. I like the way you tell your story in this website. Could be better if you give a map of Indonesia and all spot that you already visited with a link to your journey’s story in each spot.

4 years ago

Hi Vira & Mumun 🙂 This blog always inspired me to travel more. This blog also teach me to see different sight of Indonesia, As a silent reader I’m really happy with this new look (this is the reason why i show up now -taaaadaaa-) As suggestion, can you make some page for “wishing travel pool”, so maybe just a some idea where the place you two dream about to go, and why. Its just an silly idea, because some people said, we should write down our wishes to make it come true. And maybe you can help your reader… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi Kak Mumun and Kak Vira! It’s really nice to see the new website! 😀 The new look is really nice and clean. I love the colors! The new website looks very simple but still in “Indohoy” style. You guys know that I used to visit your old web a lot, right? 😛 I think you could make this new website better by adding more sketches, I guess. Well, it would be really nice if you could add a Gallery for the travel sketches that Kak Vira made and also the travel photos that you both have taken during the… Read more »

4 years ago

Aku udah punya manja banget hehehe… sukses buat website baru nya, cuman gw masih rempong nyari last update nya, kayak nya otak gw beneran gesrek 🙁