Our First Nomination

Submitted by viravira on 22 October 2012   •  Opinion

“You are nominated in the AXIS Blog Awards 2012!”

Wow. We didn’t even know we were in any kind of competition, and we got nominated! That’s ossum like a possum! We got that announcement a few days before the competition really began, and later on we found out it was going to be a competition based on voting. Hm, a popularity contest, we thought. But hey, we got nothing to lose. We don’t even know why we’re nominated, but who knows what good the outcome of the awarding would bring us. In that one day of departure to our trip to Ijen Crater and Baluran National Park, we had so many things going on. Finishing work early, making sure important emails were sent before our days lacking of Internet, deciding whether I should pack the blue or gray hat, and giving a few shout outs on Twitter and Facebook that you guys could vote for us in the competition.

So, in case you weren’t aware of this AXIS Blog Awards, check out this link and you’ll find us amongst travel bloggers in the “Wisata” category. (Wisata translates to tourism/travel). You can check the other nominators before deciding on whom to vote. Voting will close on Thursday, October 25, 2012 (GMT +7, I guess). May the best win 🙂


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