My Sleeping Problem Has Cost Me My First Dive Trip

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Sleeping Problem

As I’m writing this, my travel mates are out there doing a check-dive at the house reef of Manado Tateli Resort, North Sulawesi. I was supposed to join them, but I decided not to. This is actually a trip I’ve been waiting for and is supposed to be my first dive trip, and a quite costly one. Tomorrow they’re going to dive around Bunaken Island, known for the beautiful underwater and it’s going to be my first time there. But this is also the first time that I’m not excited about going to the sea, for snorkeling. Simply because what I wanted was to dive.

Sleeping Problem

And off they went diving…without me 🙁


The reason of this is that I get the awful flu since almost a month ago. I’ve seen two doctors and my throat has seen strips of medicines, still the cough and flu haven’t gone away. In fact, it got worse. You know that symptom where you kind of lose your hearing when you’re down with flu? Yup, I’ve had that since a few days ago.

You could go on diving, it’s your decision. But you’re also going to risk your hearing ability. I’m prescribing medicine to help reduce the symptoms, but I suggest you don’t dive in a week’s time. It’s bad enough that you’re going on a plane tomorrow,” said the doctor after he examined my nose and ears.

I was so sad and angry. But being sad and angry wouldn’t help pop open the blocking in my eustachian tube anyway. So I decided to be a good patient because if the damage got worse, who knows how much it would cost me to repair it? And that is IF it was fixable. Even though I had to cancel diving, I’m still on board because Mumun and I have arranged an extend trip to the rest of North Sulawesi for eight more days afterwards. We’ve even booked tickets to Talaud Island and back to Jakarta.

sleeping problem

Photo courtesy of Diyan


Anyway, the damage is done. Instead of cursing about it, I better wisen up by looking back at what I could do to prevent this to happen again. And I think I know the answer.

Sleeping has not been my favorite thing to do unless I’m really tired, since as long as I can remember. When I was little, my mom always had a hard time trying to get me to sleep at night, and I’d hate the afternoons because my friends were napping and I was left with nobody to play with.

sleeping problem

Sleeping in ’til 10? Never.

Well, I’m not one of those people who could be up all night working or partying and still think straight and clear and look charming the next day. But I’m one of those people who think that there are so many more fun and productive things we could do rather than sleeping out of wanting. There are so many interesting things we could do and explore, why sleep so much?

And another thing. No matter how late I get into bed, I’d always wake up early. My previous jobs in TV production often made me work until wee hours, or after sunrise, but I don’t recall I’ve ever woken up past 9 a.m, even if I tried. If I forced it, I’d get a really bad headache all day long and I’d feel a lot worse.

sleeping problem

Getting the fish fresh from the sea before 9.


It’s a common knowledge that you get to breathe fresher air in the morning. And during my trips, my sleeping habit hasn’t been a problem, if not advantageous. I get to see more sunrise, more activities in the local markets, and I’ve probably saved some rushing-to-the-airports for waking Mumun up much earlier than she would’ve liked. I sometimes out-wake (is that a word?) my alarm clocks. I’m just cursed as an early riser.

One more thing. I often really enjoy typing on my laptop directly after I wake up at 6 a.m.

Am I workaholic that way? I don’t think so.

But I guess that’s probably where the problem lies.

The lack of sleep has made me prone to sore throats. I swear to God I’ve been sleeping earlier more than I used to. But I guess it hasn’t been enough. They say that the only cure to flu is to rest well. I admit, there have been times where I couldn’t resist the temptation to go out and exercise, or finish writing until 2 a.m. And, pssst.. I’ve actually enjoyed being drugged by the doctors when their meds forced me to rest. Too bad, sometimes even that I struggle to stay up against.

So maybe the problem is me. I like to be awake too much. And now it has cost me my first dive trip.

sleeping problem

The blue water I was supposed to dive in!

I tried to take as much rest as I could from the start of this dive trip, like on the plane or in the hotel. I’m still hoping that this is just me taking a rain check. True, the chance of diving with my friends (and husband) had passed, but it doesn’t mean I’ve passed a chance to dive around Bunaken at all!

Whether I’ll be back here or not, the most important thing is that I’ve learned my precious lesson.

I. Need. To. Sleep. More.

sleeping problem

Do you have the same sleeping problem with me? Or could you please give me tips to like sleeping more?

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6 years ago

Sleepytime Tea, Vira! I used to have acute insomnia during my grad school days, but then a pot of this soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass would slow down the ever-turning wheels in my head.