Sua Pelancong 4 – Blogging Ethics and Responsiblities

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When we first started Indohoy, we didn’t think we could reach this far (well, we hoped for it, but we’re still mind blown that we did). Our site has developed so much from the first time we started. We’re not going to lie, we’ve been making a little cash from the site and social media to sustain what we love doing; travel and inform the international world about traveling Indonesia. We also know, there are plenty that are doing the same and even better than us. Thus, we’re still trying to learn about it.

The thing is, as we keep on writing and start to relate with clients, we’re faced with questions on the ethics when it comes to sharing. Or is there any at all? What are the responsibilities? And what should we wear? 😀

After much discussion, seems like we’re not the only ones with these questions; some of our fellow bloggers are experiencing the same. So aside to reading a thing or two about it, we thought we’d collect a few friends that know more on the subject in our Sua Pelancong 4.

Sua pelancong poster


In this gathering, we invited Veny Lai, Titi Akmar, Harris Maulana, and Eka Sitomurang-Sir, who is part of the Travel Bloggers Indonesia, and came with fellow bloggers Indri and Fahmi. The main topic was: what are the rules in blogging when it comes to paid-posts and social media influences?

There was so much that we learned from this gathering and it would be impossible to write it all down in a post, so we’re gonna write a few stand-out points from the meet up:

–       Be honest! Don’t just suck up! Trust is the most important thing that readers give writers, so better not screw that one up.

–       Is disclosure important? There were two sides on this issue. Disclosing a sponsored post might seem to be the only way to go. However, not disclosing is also an option as long as you’re honest about what you’re writing.

–       Know your blog value. There are systems to know the value of your blog, which you can apply when offering sponsored posts or ad rates to clients. For Indonesian readers, here’s a rough standard from Harris Maul blog here.

–       Respond quickly to clients and don’t forget deadlines. And if you commit a mistake, better ‘fess up!

–       If you have a problem with the product, express your critics directly to the client politely. You can include constructive critics in our review instead of lashing out or complain on your blog.

–       Most important thing, what is the value of your blog to you? Will you blog without the money? Is your blog defined by paid posts or not?

In the end, there are no right or wrong answers, or any definite set of rules. What we all create online and do on our social media is our choice. Everyone should make his or her own set of rules, which they would have to be responsible for. Having said that, consequence is the only thing that is definite following our writing and actions.

Sua Pelancong setting

Surely, there were so much more that we gained from this gathering, aside to the laughter and the joy of meeting up with friends. I hope the free food that we offered was enough for all the shared valuable knowledge. You can’t go wrong with a filled stomach.

Hope to see you guys soon in Sua Pelancong 5!

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6 years ago

*nunggu undangan* *makan gratis*

6 years ago

We.want more.. we want more.. curanmor.. curanmor..

6 years ago

Like this post very much!!! 🙂


6 years ago

why, thank you! 😀

6 years ago
Reply to  vira

as a blogger, i can feel all the points above!…brutally honest hahahaha 🙂

6 years ago

Mau ikutt kalo kak Vira sama kak Mumun bikin acara ginian lagii