Sua Pelancong – How Travelers Become Intimate

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In the social media world, sharing is caring. As Indohoy, we care a lot! For the past 4 years, we’ve been trying constantly sharing all our journeys and travel information to YOU that can access the Internet. But sharing should not be limited. It should be done in all sorts of way. Since a lot of travelers, or tourist, whatever the label, don’t write or blog, it would be a waste to not share their travel experience. Thus we decided to take sharing to another level.

‘Sua Pelancong’ is a mini event initiated by Cindy Priyadi, a friend and travel mate during our Flores trip. She had an itch to share travel information more personally than sporadically through the virtual world. You know what itches do, right? They create an action. Cindy convinced us that sharing in person should be done! *Fist pump*


Our poster created by ‘out of the box’ Yufi Nabila Priadi

‘Sua’ means meet and ‘Pelancong’ means tourist, that we are. So ‘Sua Pelancong’ really means a bunch of tourists meeting each other. So far, there has been two gatherings being the latest held in October at Coffeebeerian, Jakarta. The venue was great for a small gathering, it also had a video projector to blast out our travel pictures. Each gathering was hosted by 3-4 people. Each host would bring 2-3 down lines. Muahaha… sounds like a chronic multilevel marketing scheme, which it is. Beware!

So how is sharing in person? Can we really differ it to bragging? Not really! LOL!

Sharing in person is a lot more intimate and interactive. It’s like comparing text messages and making a phone call. We can say and gain more about destinations. We’ve also met different types of people giving each destination a different story angle. And of course, we’ve seen tons of pictures in much bigger size than the twitpics, those that inspired us to visit the same destination one day in the future (Oh Ladakh, how beautiful you are!). Interestingly, everyone blended quite well. Although most of us didn’t know each other, we have the same passion to travel, which apparently is super glue amongst us.

Sua pelancong 2

 Picture courtesy of Cindy Priyadi

Just because we’re Indohoy, doesn’t mean the gathering must be limited to Indonesian destinations. We believe one must also travel abroad to widen one’s horizon. Don’t you agree? So anyone can share any destination, experience, and story of what they like over a cup of coffee or beer if you might. We did have a limit of 8 minutes and 45 seconds for each speaker but as travel enthusiasts that we all are, that’s Tom Cruise in Burj Khalifah. Mission impossible 4!

What’s best about ‘Sua Pelancong’ is anybody can share his or her story. While most travel gathering probably has travel celebrities as their main speaker, in ‘Sua Pelancong’ anyone can be speakers. We’re all equal and only differed by our destinations and how we see them. Dinar told the story of Mollo village where the people have successfully driven the mining industry out of their area for the sake of conservation. Cindy told her story of chasing musicians and festivals in Sydney. Uni couchsurf-ed her way to a small part of Turki to then be seduced to buy a carpet by her carpet-selling host. And of course, Vira showed off how she became a Lobrainer in the streets of Surabaya. There is no destination too ordinary and everyone can inspire others to travel anywhere.

So in the spirit of sharing, we think we’d do it again. Not only because we care, but because we also would like to know other travel stories. We’re having another one shortly hopefully on the 14 th of March 2013 at 7 p.m. It’s open for anyone that’s interested to listen since we’ve already determined who will have the floor. Having that said, would you like to join? You know where to find us.

By the way, here is an Indonesian blog about it from Vindhya and another English take on it by Cindy.

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