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When I was a kid, I always admire people that travel. I’d admire them for the picture taking and documentary making in the middle of such exotic places. As an Asian girl, even the west seemed exotic. Having people with blue eyes all around, falling snow, green meadows, and countries legalizing drugs are a few examples of things that made me want to see the world, while westerns take for granted. I considered them exotic because all we have in Indonesia was boring dances, tradition, and crazy happy people, blah blah blah…. Of course now, with Indohoy, you’d probably guessed I’ve seen things differently, which is correct.

travel Indonesia - Central Sulawesi

After traveling a bit in Indonesia, and even less abroad, I’ve really and truly realized that the world is a very beautiful planet. Nothing beats a first hand experiences. Cameras don’t do justice to beautiful places. Stories can’t compare to the rush feeling you feel when you experience things yourself.

I now know that it’s hard to go wrong if you have great ingredients. A good bread is partially because it’s from great ingredients, and kudos to a great baker. The same goes with traveling and storytelling. With a pocket camera, you can get the best pictures ever if you we’re in an exotic place as the palaces of West Sumatera. How can you not tell an interesting story once you’ve trotted the rice paddies of Bada valley in flip flops just to see rocks? To be a bit fair, this applies to my one or two times traveling abroad.  How can you make a bad picture of Angkor Wat and tell a boring story about eating fried maggots that burst ooze once you bite them? You simply can’t. To be shallow, if you want to be an interesting person, then travel!

I’ve come across a few blogs that were interesting but turned a bit dull because the writer wasn’t as creative as they use be. The writing material probably wasn’t interesting for her/him or s/he wasn’t inspired. Some was because they head back home and still had to maintain blogging, some was because they traveled to countries which didn’t excite them, and some had less vacations within a year than others thus must keep the crowd entertained till the next journey. It’s at these times you realize if a person is a good writer or not (I struggle not to suck, really :D). A great writer could whip up anything from scratch, but anyone could be a good writer if a magnificent muse was standing in front of them.  

I still admire the people that travel and showed me the world through books, magazines, and television. They are willing to take the plunge to experience it all and inspire me to enjoy the same experience. They’re probably the good writers. However, I now pay more respect to the actual ingredient of anyone’s story, and I hope others do to. I realize that Indohoy has grown in to something and I can tell stories (I’m not a writer, you see) because I traveled Indonesia. I’ve countered the odd, the weird, the gooey, and live to tell them. Trust me, if you can travel Indonesia, or any exotic place for that matter, you would be able to write too 🙂

travel Indonesia - Bogor

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