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Vira and I have come to a conclusion that travel writing has a vast definition and a lot of variation. In a very crude way, travel writing is writing about traveling. Now, as I’ve stated before about my travel writing idols, they have their own opinion about it; some prefer the guiding-ism, some prefer the philosophy side of it, some wreck the whole melancholy, and some just have a lot of fun with it. Well, whatever the –ism is, it’d still have to be fun for the writers; we think.

We don’t really understand this debate. From the beginning, we have determined that Indohoy will purpose to provide travel information, but that doesn’t mean we don’t read other stuff. We’re big fans of all genres and read all sorts of things according to necessity and preference at the time. Sometimes we love a dose of romanticism that takes us back to that sensation of being on the road and expecting the unexpected. We refer to guiding scripts for our travel plans  and preparation. Even the most prominent travelers refer to guidance, you know?! To ease the mind, we refer to light and simple wording. We really can’t decide which is best, but we’re pretty happy that there’s a lot of reference out there that enriches our life and writings.

I guess, in the end, everyone will agree to disagree. However, there’s one thing that Indohoy has agreed upon, travel writers have to travel. There!

We’re glad that there’s a lot of effort put into the book ’15 Destinasi Terbaik Indonesia’ (translated: Indonesia’s 15 Best Destinations). Barry Kusuma, a photographer and  a blogger that we’ve referred in the past and who we’ve come to know and tease, decided to make a guide book to 15 destinations and putting his personal touch on it. He’s making his mark as a travel writer (and yes, he travels). We’re not entirely on board that these 15 are Indonesia’s BEST travel destinations, because everyone has different preferences. However, we agree that they are pretty much worth your time and money.

Barry Kusuma

By the way, his English travel blog is

This book is in bahasa Indonesian and contains brief information about each of the destinations, accommodations, what to eat and how to get there, as does a guide book. It also has a few bonus tips on photography considering traveling, such as what to prepare for festivals, what to look for, and what to anticipate. The information is pretty straight forward and not as friendly as how Barry really is, but it feeds its purpose as a guide book. It’s nice of Barry Kusuma to share his travel and photography tips in a light and simple manner for anyone that is willing to take the next step in (travel) photography.

Barry Kusuma

Barry Kusuma

I reckon there are 2 best points of this book. It’s thin, thus you can carry it on your travels whether you’re using a pull bag or a backpack. It’ll easily slip amongst your belonging and you can access it on the road. The other thing is the beautiful photos. We’re grateful the publishers took the effort to color the book and use such delicious glossy paper. It helps to see your intended destination to feel that you’re one step closer. For just under IDR 50,000, this Elex Media published book is pretty compact. So, are you ready to take great pictures on your next destination?

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