Traveled Much? Our 2012 Kaleidoscope

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Alright! Alright! Alright!

The new year’s eve has long passed and it’s time to move on. But just hold on a sec! While everyone had posted their stories before new year, we’re now still dwelling on 2012 kaleidoscope. Why, you ask? Especially since we should be looking ahead? Because we can! Muahahaha… . But on a more serious note, because we couldn’t do it before the new year. We were pretty busy with our lives, Indohoy projects, and work (yes, we still work), to even compile our 2012 stories. All of this, hopefully, shows the success of our beloved Indohoy website.

Did we travel?

Of course! That’s what Indohoy is all about. As we compiled our trips, we were pretty impressed of where we’ve been. We were like ‘wow’ing each other. We’re lost in savings but we hope we gained in good spirituallity… Ohhmmm… . Some of our trips have been uploaded but some are still under the tip of our fingers. So in this case, we’ll hook you up to the uploaded ones and we’ll link you up with our chirpstories of trips that haven’t been posted.

Wait, just before you scroll our list, just so you know this is not a bragging list (although there is a very thin line towards it and we might just use it one day! Myehehehe…). It’s a list of sharing information. Because what? (Let’s say it together now…) Because sharing is caring! \m/

Our uploaded trips/blogs

– Batukaras, West Java. NYE: No Ytinerary Entitled

– Anak Krakatau Volcano, Lampung – Rockin and rolling

– Pulau 1000, Jakarta – Diving duties

– Curug Malela, West Java – Indonesias Niagara

– Ambon, Maluku – Endless beaches and bays

– Gunung Padang, West Java – My first alien chase

– Semarang, Central Java – A packed transit visit

– Semarang, Central Java – 1 destination, countless things to explore

– Dieng, Central Java – Did we get high?

– Surakarta / Solo, Central Java – Solo Batik Carnival and the kinkiness

– Bogor, West Java – A day trip to history and grubs

– Borobudur and Magelang, Central Java – Celebrating Vesak and the arts

– Nusa Dua, Bali – Not only for the elites

– Tanjung Lesung and Peucang, Banten – Recalling long lost destinations

– Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian, Bali: Food and relaxing activities.

There are some trips that haven’t been written up but some have chirpstories:
– Baubau & Wakatobi, some are here and here.
– Surakarta / Solo; well we’ve written some of it here and here
Bromo Mountain for the Yadnya Kesada ceremony
– Bali – Suluban
– Baluran National Park and Ijen crater, East Java

– Balikpapan & Derawan, East and North Kalimantan
– Pontianak & Singkawang, West Kalimantan

– Bandung, West Java here and here 


– Lampung but we didn’t make a chirpstory out of it.

We also did some trips abroad just to widen our horizons. We did a 2 weeks journey to Laos and Thailand for the Songkran water festival. Vira did a short artsy trip to Singapore . Mumun did a religious vacation to the Moslem holyland. We’re not sharing these info on Indohoy but for any queeries on it, you know where to find us 🙂

Photo by @tamagraph

Phew! What a year, right? It’s awesome to think that after almost 4 years of traveling Indonesia, we still want to do it. Hopefully, for more years to come. Can I get an amen?

How would you like to cooperate?

We head bang and fist pump of happiness because last year not only did we get to travel for free, we also got to meet new people from all sorts of fields. We learned a lot. Fo sho we’ve been blogging about them too. Oh our baby has grown! And we plan to do more co-operations in the future. Anyone?

Oh, THAT Indohoy!

It was a great honor to be nominated and recognized in the online world. It’s been a while since we’ve been doing this, and honestly, it feels nice when your work is at least read by someone other than your mum and that small amount of people we held a knife to.

–        AXIS Blog Awards 2012. We were nominated in the Travel category along with big names such as Travel Junkie ID, Ransel Kecil and Tale About Nomad.

–        ‘Traveler Paling Indonesia’ (translates to “Most Indonesian Traveler”) from the gang, which we’re not really sure what that means, but we’re pretty happy about it anyways.

–        Best Blogger on Traveller Indonesia contest. A free trip and a prize. Can it get any better than this?

Why? WHY??? We got hacked!!

People are mean. We got hacked 3 times this year. THREE TIMES? *aggressive three fingers in the air*. As much as we’ve asked why, we were more concerned about the content of the site, which was saved through the first 2 hacks, but barely through the third. Some of our content wasn’t saved therefore we have a lot of homework to do. So if you see some of our posts are lacking photos, that’s the evil hackers’ doing. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell which posts need a fix.

Anyways, that was our 2012. It was awesome! Come to think of it, it was super awesome!! There was so much we gained, far more than this list. The best gain we had probably is our waistlines meeting new friends from this travel bug alone, and of course more people reading our blog and following us on social media. We’re overwhelmed. But more importantly, we’re motivated. Moving on… !

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