Choosing to be One of the Gang – Traveling in Small Groups

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This field break, all plans were canceled. What should have been a trip to Jogjakarta, turned out to be a mourn to those in the surrounding area of Merapi mountain. Although it was such an itch to see this erupting phenomenon and the damage it caused to the surrounding, it could have been a stupid gestured to go if something worst would have happen or it was just wrong to visit the people in unpleasant conditions. So, I chose to relax, enjoy my hometowns, do simple day trips and brake the egg of choosing to travel in a large group in Indonesia.

There is nothing wrong with traveling with a group in Indonesia. You meet new people, travel to new places with a limited budget. So how is it compared to traveling in small groups?

– The common crowd

People traveling in a large tour group aren’t really people that like the excitement of traveling itself. They’re not the people that are curious, daring to do the unfamiliar, and they tend to take things the easier way. It’s usually those that would like to just flow through and enjoy they’re trip rather having a more extensive experience if you travel on your own itinerary. You can also find the one or two travelers slipping in for the sake of a cheaper deal and have limited time to do the trip on their own.

– The new friends

I learned that traveling in big groups can extend the people you know and add a few new faces on your Facebook account. Not to mention if you find someone with a similar interested either than traveling, and then you could get lost in the conversation. You could also have a bigger chance to find chaos and funny little mishaps and comments. That always intrigues me. And it’s always great to have children on the trip that can say the darnest things besides crying out loud.

Travel Indonesia: 1000 island

I wonder who is behind the feet

– The ambience

You can’t win an ambience with a big crowd unless it’s a party, rave, or a seminar hehehehe… When traveling, I prefer savoring the moment to understand what I’m actually looking at and really listening to my own thoughts. Not to mention to enjoy imagining how things were or are when it comes to historic relics. With too many people, sometimes there’s too much noise and too much distraction, especially if you eventually get to know the group you travel with, you end up talking to them all the time.

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

The guy in the back of the leader is so annoying!

– The pictures

People can be everywhere when taking a picture of a certain place. Just when you want to capture just the object, you can’t because people just can’t stop wondering around to their own amusement, which is entirely their right. You rarely get that sole waterfall or monument without someone posing in front of it unless they understand you’re taking a picture or you’re asking them to bare with you for a minute. And it’s annoying to others if you keep on asking them to step aside.

And you just love the endless group photos 🙁

Travel Indonesia: Bogor

– The time

Last is about the time restrain you have based on the schedule that the event organizers have made. You can’t enjoy a place and venture a bit more because you are obligated to respect the schedule you have agreed upon. This limits answering curiosity that sometimes can bother you to you dreams.

In the end, traveling in big groups is not my cup of coffee. If there is a choice not to do so, I rather choose to travel with a small bunch of people. I like sharing things on the road, whether it’s with a stranger or with an old friend.

Why not compare it solo traveling? Well, I’m not the solo traveler unless it’s necessary. And solo traveling for me is a whole different league since you learn so much, see too many, and find a new self, but that is for another time. So, when it comes to groups, it choice of small and little, and that is definitely entirely up to you.

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