TravelNBlog: #TravelNBlog2 Went To Bandung. Did You Go?

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Hooray! We’ve just done another TravelNBlog event, moving forward from the first one, but this time we did it in Bandung, 2-3 hours drive from Jakarta. The event was held in 2 days; Day 1 was the travel-blogging workshop, and Day 2 was the photo competition.

Day 1: #TravelNBlog2, The Workshop

 A folded backpack as one of our merchandise.

 Pic by Lucia Nancy


It’s a workshop for any blogger who wanted to enhance their skills in travel blogging. Once you’re deep in blogging, you’ll see why there are some certain knowledge and skills you need to know about specific kind of blogging. There are fashion bloggers, craft bloggers, music bloggers, etc, out there, but we could only share what we knew, travel blogging. By ‘we’, I mean Mumun and I as Indohoy, and 7 other bloggers (scroll down to the bottom for detailed names and blog addresses).

Mumun and I opened the workshop with a session about Conceptualizing Your Blog. We talked about how important it is to have a specific concept for your blog, because it’s easier for your blog to be recognized, and readers will know what URL to go to when they’re looking for certain information. You don’t look for travel info to a homemaking blog, do you? This whole concept thing is also why we, pure Indonesians living in Indonesia, write in English; we want to provide (practical) information and local insights about Indonesia for international travelers.


Some of the next sessions were the same with the first workshop in Jakarta. Arif talked about Crafting Your Story, and Wira gave many tips on Travel Photography. The last time, we had an in-class blogging competition, but this time we replaced it with a mini photo competition, where the participants were given a theme and about an hour to hunt for photos outside. Here are the winners’ photos, in no particular order:


Winner photos by +Try Pria (left),
+Chamelia Sari (top right), +Siti Nurmalasari (bottom right) 


Afterwards, Ary, a newcomer in TravelNBlog, spoke about Constructing A Kick-Ass Travel Blog. He talked about things as basic as page layout, choosing fonts, combining colors, and how all the visual things could make or break your blog’s popularity, as well as the importance of content. He’s the guy behind the design of one of Indonesia’s most prominent travel blogs, the

Nowadays, bloggers can’t turn a blind eye to social media. It’s a tool that can boost your blog performance, as Lucia Nancy (or Uci) talked about in her session. Her tips included: when are the best times to tweet, what is G+ most useful for, how to analyze your Facebook performance, etc.


 The sessions. Top: Ary and Lucia.
Middle: Wira and Firsta+Adis. Bottom: Arif.

Firsta filled the last session of TravelNBlog, speaking shortly about monetizing your blog, before sort of interviewing Adis about his businesses that developed from blogging. Firsta now, other than the usual writing, also offers travel consultation service through her blog. Meanwhile Adis, who’s got seriously loyal fans through his blog and tweets, has turned into a businessman, starting from producing travel gears, and now about to open a guesthouse, among a few others.


Having said all that, we don’t claim to be the best in the travel-blogging category, but we wanted to share what we could, and we saw the need for it to be done. It was flattering that 15 bloggers came to the workshop to hear what we had to say. Some of them were from Bandung, some from nearby cities like Tangerang and Jakarta. That is just awesome! We thank these bloggers so much for showing up to TravelNBlog!

Day 2: Photo & Share Competition


Pic by Wira.

Utilizing a photo-based social media, Google+ (or G+ for short), we held a photo competition on the second day. The theme: #BandungToday, simply because ‘Bandung heritage’ theme is getting old and has been used here there and everywhere. It’s time to move on! Let’s look at the face of Bandung today!

Because the starting point was very close to Dago and it was on Sunday morning, the photos submitted were mostly taken at the Car Free Day area on Juanda Street (Dago). As many as 58 people participated. Wira, Ary and Keke (from Google Indonesia) acted as the judges.

You can check out the photos here on Google+ and these are the winners:


Top: 1st place: “Friendly Bandung People” by +Alhamdi Fikri
2nd place: “A Good Holiday To Be Together” by +M Octa Nasrullah)
3rd place: “Bandung Film Park” by +Aditya Tegar Mandiri)

The TravelNBlog Gang

– The Indohoy girls: Mumun and / @indohoy / +Indohoy

– Vindhya Sabnani; / @ibupenyu / +Ibu Penyu

– Arif Rahman; / @arievrahman+Ariev Rahman

– Wira Nurmansyah; / @wiranurmansyah+wira nurmansyah

– Firsta Yunida; Yunida

– Lucia Nancy, a blogger turned social media strategist; / @lucianancy+lucia nancy 

– Ary Mozta; / @mozta_+Ary Mozta

– Adis; / @takdos+adis takdos as our guest speaker, a travel blogger residing in Bandung, who’s lately more focused on his businesses.

Supported by:

Google+ ; big big support!

– idGeekGirls community


– Panorama Magazine & Get Lost Magazine

Co & Co Space

Pantara clothing

@JepretStory photo retraction app


And we thank everyone who has helped spread the words about #TravelNBlog2. We love you!

Watch out for more TravelNBlog events, hopefully in other cities across Indonesia! Um..wait, where do you think we should hold another TravelNBlog? Yogyakarta, Makassar, Medan, Mataram, Surabaya, or..any ideas?


Participants, Speakers and Supporters. Pics by Wira and Firsta

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– From #TravelNBlog2 Bandung!

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5 years ago

Cool. Kapan2 mau ikutan dan bantu2 ya kaaak. 😀

5 years ago
Reply to  titiw

Hopefully we can make another one Tiw!


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[…] 1. Mumun dan Vira dari Indohoy: materi yang disampaikan oleh duo maut (satu sudah menikah, satu masih mencari tulang rusuknya yang hilang) ini adalah bagaimana membuat konsep sebuah blog. Mereka bercerita tentang blogger-blogger sukses yang mempunyai konsep blog yang bagus. Mereka ingin menekankan bahwa ketika kita ngeblog, kita sudah harus punya konsep dari awal. Mau pakai bahasa apa? Target pembacanya siapa? Apakah ini blog yang serius atau lucu? Apakah ini blog tentang travel, fotografi, kuliner atau yang lainnya? You have to decide from the beginning. Hayoo, blog kamu konsepnya apa? […]

5 years ago

hai mbak vira dan mbak mumun, gimana sih caranya supaya tetep keliatan kaya anak kuliahan kaya kalian? kasih tips-tips kecantikannya dong.. kan kalian beauty blogger..

5 years ago
Reply to  lucianancy

Two geckos rubbed on your face, every week. Don’t miss the routine 😀

3 years ago

Seru banget kayanya… jadi kepengen haha