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Ok, I’m guilty for constantly borrowing a dear friends rucksack for a few years back on travels that requires one. It was about time I had a new one. So I did. For the Sulawesi trip I decided I should get my own pack. I don’t really like shopping for important things because it has to be based on a lot of considerations and it gives me headaches, but luckily I had a good friend that understand these things to help. Enough! Here’s what I got and hopefully it would help you if you happen to be looking…


  1. I need a pack that isn’t as big as a 45 l carrier because generally I won’t be hiking mountains. Based on my pals carrier, I don’t need that much space on my back. It’s a bit too much space, although it was great to bring souvenirs. I think most of my trips not be filled with it.
  2. It has too be comfortable to carry for long walks, comfortable to put on and off often in between stays, and shape friendly especially in crowded areas and areas filled with fragile items 😛
  3. I need a cool bag and not a black or dull colour one (again!)

And after a very long discussion, I was recommended the Vaude Gallery Air 30 + 5 l. For some reason, my wall-climbing friends suggested Vaude to be the brand for women backpacks. It was to start for when I get to an outdoor gear shop, and in Jakarta the first recommendation is Tandike shop at Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.


–          Its dimension: weighs 1.2 kg, height of 52 cm, width 32 cm, and depth 17 cm.

Vaude backpack review

–         It has an aeroflex ventilation system, making the back support adjustable to your size and likings.

Vaude backpack review

–          Main compartment can fill up to 30 l with an additional 5 l when extra space was extended by unzipping the side zipper

–          Front compartment for small items and need to be accessible such as chargers, chap stick, sun block, hat, etc.

–          A slot for your camel back and a small hole for the suction tube to come out.

–          2 small strings to tie up shoes or what ever is necessary.

–          2 small straps for… not sure for what, in front of the bag.

–          2 side pockets for anything you need to reach easily, like drinking bottle or umbrella.

–          Comes with a cover for those rainy days. It’s in bright orange, helping you be easily spotted in crowds, forests, any scene where you need to be spotted.

After seeing the goods, my choices fell to this and Deuteur 40 l carrier. Why did I choose Vaude?

Vaude backpack review

  1. It was purple. Cute :D! It also comes in about 4 other colour which as red, blue, brown, and yellow. And the cover was bright orange… really? Can you really say no to that?
  2. The main reason was, I figured that I’m probably at a stage of my life that I’ll do somewhat comfortable trips. I would like to spare the hassle of packing like I was camping every time I was on a trip. Ok I admit it, I’d probably cheat some of my adventurous trips using porters or buy things on road, but I never intended to be an ‘adrenaline junkie ambitious do it all travel 3 months non stop’ either (I miss Indonesian food too easily). So I didn’t need a carrier.
  3. It had an interesting back support, with airflow for those sweaty backs and adjustable size. I was curious to try this kind of support. My friends can also borrow the bag no matter what size they are!
  4. It was shaped as a backpack, and not a carrier. When not filled with a lot of stuff, it looked like a daypack. It didn’t over clutter with fabric dangling down. I can use it on more casual trips.
  5. It had access to the bottom of the pack, making it easy to reach whatever was underneath there. And if I was to go hiking or camping, I can reach my sleeping bag easily, and pack it in easily also without having to take the everything out.

Vaude backpack review

Am I happy with my choice? Very! The size was just right for a 2 weeks trip. It can fit my snorkel, mask, Sylvia (my mac) and all the necessities of course. It had so many straps where I can tie things on like wet panties (hehehehe… kidding!). Water bottle compartment (side pockets) prevents me of dehydrating. I also like putting the bag on and off my back even though it would be heavy because once it’s on and supported on my back, then there is no hassle. I can walk far with it. It’s not too big thus easy move around in public transport. And it looks great, which is always important for your pictures hahahahaha…

Vaude backpack review

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