Video and Sketches of Borneo Road Trip

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Road trips are fun. But I gotta admit, sometimes there are some dull times. So what did I do when I got a little bored as a passenger in the car? I got out my brush pen and sketchbook, and sketched the car in front of me. The coloring was done much later on land, though. Like it on Instagram.


You’ve seen the photos, you’ve read the stories – if not, please do – of my road trip with #Terios7Wonders in the last couple of posts. I’ve told and shown pretty much all the highlights, so now there’s nothing left to say except that it was a really great experience for me. It wasn’t perfect, but it gave me a lot of new experiences, introduced me to so many awesome people, and got me to explore more places in Borneo.

If you have been our beloved readers, you might have noticed that I have been doing some travel sketches, and that we’ve done travel videos and put them up on our YouTube Channel IndohoyVideos. These sketches and videos have always been sort of supporters of our stories. But they are great media, in the way that it can build another kind of feelings in you when watching the similar stories that you’ve read.

So I’m dedicating this post, the last of our Borneo adventure stories with Daihatsu Terios gang, to the video and sketches. Hope you enjoy them.


At Sebangau National Park, the wait for wild orangutans could take hours. We waited for half an hour, because that was the only time we had, and were supposed to stay quiet, stay as still as we could. Seriously, it was boring. My pens and sketchbook, again, came to the rescue. Instead of watching for the orangutans, I had fun watching people watching for them.


It was so very kind of the village chief and family to give us shelter and cook our food on our venture to watch for the orangutans. I could not thank them enough, so I’m dedicating this frame to them. Like it on Instagram.


There’s always something interesting found in a visit to a Dayak community. Here, so obvious that I was amazed with the outfit. Like it on Instagram.


On our last day of the trip, we had an ample free time in Maratua Island. Some were snorkeling, some were typing their stories on laptop, some were sleeping. Me? I was coloring my sketches while hanging out with some of the guys by the sea. A lovely and productive afternoon, it was.


Check out the video, which was shot and directed by me, and edited by Mumun.

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*This trip is fully paid by Astra Daihatsu Motor in exchange of blog publication, but the opinions are my own.

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4 years 8 months ago

Keren-keren banget sketch-nya. Paling suka yang gambar Dayak Kenyah. Kami liat waktu terios geng lagi mampir di Sangkima. Sudah liat di twitter kalo bakalan ada event ini, jadi nungguin kapan lewat Sangatta. 🙂