What I Miss While Traveling?

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A lot of people think that travelers (*cough* tourists) are people than can’t stand staying at home for a long period of time. It might be true most of the time. But, personally speaking, being far from home a lot made me cherish things back home that we take for granted. During travels, I actually miss a lot of things, and sometimes I want to head back soon (no I don’t :P). As a Cancer sign, the horoscope expert on ‘home’ issues, I would like to nag about the what I miss while traveling and hopefully, exaggerate it :D.

1. My parents.

Since my father is no longer with us (may he rest in peace), if I had a mission in my life, it would be to make my mum happy. Not only because I love her but also keeping her happy means I can travel without her nagging in my ear about how I’m throwing my life and savings away. Traveling is safer and my stuff is intact if my mother is happy and gives her blessing on my journeys. She’s also hilariously funny which nurtures my positive attitude to life, not to mention my guru in traveling. The worst thing I miss about my mum would be her cooking. It’s irreplaceable.

Travel Indonesia: Mumuns Mum

2. Talking to close friends

Although I travel a lot with my friends, I always want to stay in touch with my good friends and most of them are back home. It’s the sense of coming home psychologically to the people that know you by heart. Especially when you’re traveling solo and you’re the type of person that likes to share things. You’d want to tell people close to you about your adventures, let it be good or bad.

3. My bed

I like to sleep. Who’s with me? *raising hand*

I might travel far and for a long time, ocassionaly get to stay at 4 or 5 star hotels, but nothing beats sleeping in my own bed. The best sleep I’ve always had is in my bed at home. There’s something about the smell of my pillow, the feel of my sheets, and the sight when waking up, that I can’t be off without too long. And… I get to drool on my pillow anytime without feeling bad 😀

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

4. The regulars

It’s the regular coffee shop you visit, the regular faces in the diner, the regular route you pass everyday, the regular customs that you live by, the regular phone call that you make because there’s cellular phone signal, and the availability of that Magnum ice cream that you usually buy on hot Sunday afternoons, that I miss so dearly. Hence, I’m amazed by people than can live a long time away from what they’re used to such as true nomads, since I always revert back to my routine stuff.

5. Dressing up

I might be a late bloomer, but I am blooming 😀 I like to have the choice of changing wardrobe out of the limited items I have in my pack. I miss the occasional walking in high heels, which really makes me feel like I’m really blooming hahahaha… . I also miss putting on make up as thin as a coat of blush on every day which I don’t do during travels… . Hmm… maybe I should, then?

6. Working

Don’t hate me for this. I work in a field that I have passion about. Long vacations sometimes seem unproductive, especially before Indohoy was established. So, at times I feel the need to be productive and work. My job has fulfilled much of these needs. Not to mention, I realize I’m able to travel because I have a job. Thank you, boss!

Travel Indonesia: Wetar

Of course, this is my personal list, which doesn’t apply to anyone. I’m sure some people definitely won’t miss work or dressing up. Having that said, I’d like to know, what do you miss on travels? Maybe you’ve got a few weird items on the list.

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