Wish You Were Here – A Postcard From The Road

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Writing has always been a hobby of mine. Since I was little and able to write, writing to friends, relatives, even pen pals was something that I did a lot. Sharing or sometimes even bragging *cough* was always a fun thing do to me, through writing especially.

Emails have taken over any kind of correspondence over the years. But since a friend of mine, Ikhsan, asked me to send him a postcard from my trip overseas last year, I started to relive this old hobby of mine. I always try to send some postcards to friends  or family from wherever I travel, within our outside the country. And I’m lovin’ it. There’s a sense of nostalgia (oh geez, how old do I sound?), and there’s also happiness in sharing the moment with those back home. Almost everybody loves or would love to travel, but not all have the chance or the itchy feet.

Indonesia Travel - Bali

It’s great to receive a response how friends are surprised and happy to get postcards from me, though sometimes the cards are received later than my going back (due to either the snail mail service or the fact that I send them from such remote places). And I hope that they are happy to get my postcards *Puss In Boots hopeful stare*. But I know that I’m always happy to be the one at the receiving end. Even if it’s just a simple ‘hello’ or a fragment in their travels with pictures unique to wherever they are.

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It only costs you a few bucks or even cents (depending what currency you’re using) for the stamp and card, and sometimes you can even get free postcards. But the joy of receiving them is priceless. Just imagine, in the world where it’s so easy to drop a few lines online, one makes an effort to pick out the cards, write them, keep your addresses in their little travel notebooks, and then mail them, in between their (probably) tight itinerary.

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