Petak Sembilan Market, Jakarta

Submitted by viravira on 27 February 2013   •  Java   •  Jakarta

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What does Superman do when there’s no one asking for help?  He sells fruits! Like you see in the picture below. Superman truly is a savior, because if there was no fruits rich with vitamins within easy reach, human beings would be easily conquered by Lex Luthor. Muhaha!

Petak Sembilan fruit market

I visited the Petak Sembilan market, a part of a Chinatown in Jakarta, several weeks ago. And like most traditional markets, Petak Sembilan is vibrant with colors from the fruits, meats, vegetables and the lively interactions between sellers and buyers. Not a part of the Chinese culture, I found quite many goods were interesting and different to what I’m used to see in other markets. But one of the things that remain the same in these markets: colorful fruits!

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