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  • Daydreaming at Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast – Bandung, West Java

    11 November 2013  •   •  7 comments

    I have written about a number of accommodations that I really, really like. I even love a few of them.  But so far, perhaps only one or two that have gotten me to actually want to live there. The most recent one is the Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast in Bandung. Why? Simply because of the Read More

  • Expectedly Feast at Feast Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel Bandung.

    17 July 2013  •   •  0 comment

    Traveled on May 2013 Pomelo is the largest orange in its family and similar to the grapefruit. It’s usually pale greenish yellow outside and with pink pale flesh when ripe. It’s pretty big, reaching the size of a small melon. Although most Indonesians know this fruit, pomelo isn’t the easiest thing to find being seasonal. Read More

  • The Studio One Inn – Sleep And Sound at Nusa Dua

    11 June 2012  •   •  0 comment

    When it comes to Bali, we’re done with Kuta. At least for now. So on our last trip, we decided we needed a new spot, Nusa Dua. It’s not undiscovered, but we wanted to see a certain performance in the area and to break the ‘myth’ that only the rich can enjoy Nusa Dua. Our biggest problem was to find an affordable place to stay.